Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Plans

Yesterday morning started a little rough. I woke up having some pregnancy related issues but didn't really think too much about it. Honestly, I had "issues" for three months so I had learned to just keep going and not make it too much of a big deal. So, Nate went to work. I got the boys ready, took Brandon to school, and the other two boys and I headed to the Y so I could work a shift in YPlay. I hadn't been at the Y five minutes when I really started thinking something wasn't quite right. I ended up calling my doctor to let him know that I had some bleeding and soreness and wanted to make sure he didn't want me to go for an ultrasound. Long story short...he didn't send me to ultrasound. He asked me to go to the hospital to be put on a monitor. Uhm, what?!

I am so thankful for my sweet co-workers and friends that prayed with me and loved on me as I had a mild freak out moment! =) I ended up calling Nate and asking him to come and get me at work and take me to the hospital. I called Tiffany (my amazing sister) and asked her to come to the Y and get Carson and Dalton. It all worked out. Everyone was taken care of and I was put in a hospital gown and on a baby monitor. 

We quickly learned that baby Easton and I were fine. Contractions were controllable. Blood pressure was good. My water hadn't broken. I was 100% certain we were going home and I was going to apologize to everyone for inconveniencing them. WRONG. I was admitted to a room and told I would be delivering my baby boy at 5:30 that evening. WHAT?!?!?! 

I thought the doctor was kidding and gave him several opportunities to take it back and send me home. Yeah, he wasn't kidding. I had an exam and he was very concerned about the uterine window and my obvious tenderness/soreness with bleeding. So, up to the sixth floor I went...up to the sixth floor to prep for a c-section two weeks before the scheduled date. 

The boys and I had a calendar that counted down to Easton's birthday.

Do you know what this meant?! I had things I needed to get done before October 14th...his scheduled due date. I had PLANS!!!! Ugh. I was upset. I was in tears. This was not okay. 

And then I snapped out of it. We were told about the uterine window at the twenty fourth week of pregnancy. For twelve weeks I had an ultrasound and doctor's visit every week. As I am being wheeled up to the sixth floor of the hospital I had an attitude adjustment. I went from the "woe is me" to extremely thankful that we had made it to thirty six weeks and six days. Easton and I were perfectly fine and everything was going to be okay. 

September 30, 2014 - 5:52pm - Easton Thomas Moore was born. 
7 lbs. and 21 1/2 inches long.

Oh my goodness!!! What a blessing!!! The c-section was great...Easton's blood sugar was awesome in spite of my gestational diabetes...the nurses and doctors were amazing! I am so thankful for this evidence of grace! 

We are still in the hospital and planning to go home on Friday. The other boys are taken care of which I am thankful for. I am ready for our new normal with Easton. I am ready to be home with all of my boys and get back to our normal routine.

Thank you for the prayers!! I had so many emails and texts which was encouraging and comforting.

Zeph. 3:17