Friday, January 29, 2010


Brandon has recently started eating puff snacks (Thanks, Stephanie!! =)) and loves them!!! He can pick them up with his fingers if he REALLY concentrates but today he just wasn't feeling very patient. After the third time, I had to get it on camera. I was afraid he wouldn't do it again but he did....

LOL he just leans over and sucks it out of my hand!!! I got such a laugh out of this. I love him!!!


Naptime...or not

Brandon has been doing so much the past couple weeks. He has taken a crawl...LOL...literally, one "step" and then he falls. I know he will have it soon!! He grabs my nose when I ask, "Where's Mama's nose?" The newest thing is he has learned how to sit up all by himself. This is great when it comes to play time because I don't have to pick him up and sit him back up when he falls over. However, during naptime the "sit-up game" is annoying!!!

He got really quiet so I went to check on him...this is what I found...

What a stinker!!!! I turned on the light and he just smiled really big as if to say, "Look at me, Mama!!" I turned off the light, laid him back down, and you guessed it...five minutes later he was sitting up again.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Brandon said his first word today..."Dada" (Daddy)!!! No explanation needed. Just watch the video.

(Sorry for the lighting, or lack thereof, but you can still hear which is all that matters =))


Monday, January 25, 2010

12 week Ultrasound

Nathan, Brandon, and I went to the doctor today to see Baby #2! I hadn't been to the doctor in six weeks so I was overly anxious to hear the heartbeat. Yes, I was excited to get to SEE him/her in an ultrasound but to I was really wanting to hear the heartbeat.

The baby's head is in the center of this picture and his/her body is to the right.

Everything looks and sounds great!! I got the due date today...August 11, 2010! Woo hoo!! Since I will be having a c-section it will probably be more like August 4, 2010. That means Brandon will be not quite 14 months older than his little brother or sister (his birthday is June 10th).

I am amazed at the creation of life and God's sovereignty. We were on the way home from the doctor's office and I was looking at the ultrasound picture and made the comment that women are allowed to abort babies at the age of our newest one...12 weeks! He/she was moving around today, waving his/her little arms, had a very strong heartbeat...there are people out there that don't consider that a life. It blows my mind!! God is the creator of ALL things and we are so thankful for this blessings to our family!!!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mama en route

I heard from Mama this afternoon. Her flight was scheduled to leave Nashville at 3:00CST and head to Jersey...yeah, crazy how flights go north when the destination is WAY south...Anyway, they have a one hour layover in Jersey and then it's a 3 1/2 hour flight to Haiti. She didn't get much sleep last night and it had already been a long day today so she was exhausted. I told her she better sleep on the flight from Jersey to Haiti because it's going to be a long two weeks with very little rest.

She is excited about the opportunities ahead and I am so excited that she has the willingness and ability to serve in this way. She will not have internet access so the only form of communication she will have is text messaging and that's not cheap. So, I will be anxious to hear all about it when she gets back.

Prayin' for you, Mama!! LOVE YOU!!!


A Day for a Walk...

I was FINALLY able to take Brandon on a walk today. It was in the mid-fifties this afternoon so I took advantage of it. It's supposed to be back in the 30's this coming week so I guess that was it for a while. Anyway, we walked for about 45 minutes to an hour and he loved it!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti Bound

My Mama is leaving tomorrow morning for Haiti!! What an awesome opportunity she has to minister to so many in need! She will be there for two weeks and will be working at the hospital there. She said that they are getting 300 new patients every day and that doctors are working 24/7 to attempt to meet the needs of the people in Haiti. Mama will be working LONG days and will have many sleepless nights I am sure. Please keep her and the team in your prayers as they show Christ to the sick and dying.


The Cleanliness of Motherhood

So, today has definitely been a day like no other. Brandon has revealed his full potential...

Late this morning I put Brandon in his room to play while I folded laundry. The laundry room is right across the hall from his room so I am able to hear him, see him, talk to him, etc. I folded a load of laundry so I guess I was turned away from him for about three minutes max. I put clothes that were in the wash into the dryer and went to his room. I noticed stuff all over the floor...what was that stuff you ask? POOP!!! He exploded. Literally. It was all over the floor, toys, HIM! Of course, I immediately took him to the bathroom and washed him off. I got him all cleaned up then started what turned into a forty five minute chore of cleaning the carpet and throwing away toys that couldn't be saved. It was a MESS!!! (For my friend, Sarah, this is the kind of mess that Purell can't fix. =))

Well, bless his heart...we went about our day. Early this evening I fed him dinner then sat him on his blanket in the living room floor with several of his toys. I went to the kitchen to start dinner for me and Nathan...ok, so this time I was gone for about four minutes - maybe. I went back to the living room and there it was...POOP!!! Oh my word. Luckily, it wasn't AS bad...and he was on a blanket so that's an easier fix than cleaning the carpet. I took him to the bathroom - again - and washed him off. Fortunately, no toys were ruined in this episode!

Poor guy. Hopefully he has it all out of his system! Oh, the joys of motherhood...but I wouldn't trade it for the world!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby #2

I went to the doctor in December for the initial "yes you are pregnant" appointment but I haven't been back since. I go in on Monday for an ultrasound to determine the due date...yay!!! I am thinking I am about twelve weeks along. I have started feeling the butterfly flutters and the nausea/fatigue is getting better every day. I hope to have pictures to put up on Monday of our newest baby!


Rainy Days

We haven't been up to much the past few days. We have had a few rainy days which doesn't leave us a lot to do outside the house unless I have to go to the store or something. We have made a trip to the mall, of course. Brandon loves it and it is good exercise for me and baby #2.

I have promised him a trip to the park and/or zoo when it gets a little warmer outside. I am sure he understands every word I am saying and wakes up everyday wondering if weather is permitting such adventures...LOL!


Thursday, January 14, 2010


Yesterday Sally and I took Laine and Brandon to the mall for a couple hours. We did a little shopping/browsing but we really just went to walk around. Brandon rode his first ride while we were there - the choo-choo train!!! I was a little nervous at first because he had never been on anything like it but Laine was GREAT support and showed him how it was done! Thanks, Lainey girl! =) (The picture is a little blurry because all I had with me was my camera phone...I really should start carrying my camera with me wherever I go...yeah, I guess I am THAT mom! hahaha)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Seven Months Old

Brandon turned seven months old this past Sunday (the 10th). He was sick with his first cold the week before his "birthday"...we have been so blessed to have such a sweet, healthy baby!!!

Brandon started sitting the day he turned five months old...according to most people that's really early. Well, I think he is starting to get bored with just sitting so he has started trying to get on all fours. He can get his hands down and pull one leg out from under him...when he tries to pull the other leg out he just falls! =) At that point, he whines until I sit him back up. I don't know how much longer it will be but I think he will be crawling soon.

He has started saying, "Mamamamamamamama" when he wants something. I would like to think he is saying, "Mama" but he is really just making a noise. He only makes the noise when he wants something...he is definitely getting more vocal!

He is still sleeping great - an average of 10 hours at night, then two naps during the day and sometimes even a cat nap between the nap times.

Brandon has been cutting the bottom two teeth for a while now. I have been able to see his teeth under his gums for about a month now but they are taking their precious time cutting through. As soon as they do, I am starting him on real food. He is eating a lot and is getting hungrier more often (2.5 hours instead of 3 to 3 1/2).
Breakfast - two things of fruit
Lunch - veggie and 8 oz bottle
Afternoon snack - 8 oz bottle
Dinner - veggie and 8 oz bottle
Bedtime - cereal and 8 oz bottle

Since it has gotten colder out, Brandon's cradle cap has gotten worse and worse. This past week we tried using baby oil and a comb to get it out. Not only did it not work but I had to wash his hair twice to get all the oil out. So, Nathan went and got some Selson Blue the other worked!! YAY!!! Nathan used a comb and combed it out. It looked like shredded cheese it was so think on his head! Gross, I know!!!! Ugh. I couldn't do it!!! Thanks, Nathan! =)

I am loving watching Brandon's personality develop. He is so laid back and easy to please. He loves being around people and will go to anyone. We are so blessed and enjoy every minute that we have with him!!!


Goodbye to the Uthes

I met Brennan about eight years ago. We went to FBC Jackson together and became really good friends. He moved to Louisville shortly after I did...he was a part of mine and Nathan's wedding...he graduated in May 2009 and got married in June...and now he and his wife, Sarah, are getting ready to move to Bowie, Maryland where Brennan will be serving as the Worship Pastor at Grace Baptist Church. We are SO excited for them but they will be missed!!!

Tonight we got together with a few friends, ate dinner, and watched American Idol! What a great send off party! =)

Brandon and Brennan...notice the mischevious look on Brandon's face. He has a hold of Brennan's ear =)

Brandon, Brennan, Sarah, me (baby #2 lol), and Nathan - now I think Brandon has a hold of Brennan's cheek! =)


Nathan and I have enjoyed Louisville and have made some great friends. One of the hardest parts about where were are is that we are constantly seeing friends come and go. It is SO encouraging to see friends commit to ministry but the sending away part is hard.

Brennan and Sarah, we will be praying for you as you make this transition. We look forward to hearing how God is using you in Bowie, Maryland! We will come visit soon! =)


Babysitting Laine

Yesterday I kept Laine for a few hours. We hadn't seen each other in a while because of the holidays but she remembered me and after a few minutes she was ready to play! We had a good are a couple pictures from the afternoon.

Playing with Brandon's ABC train...Laine eventually pushed the train around the living room and laughed the entire time - too cute! =)

Brandon kept trying to steal Laine's paci...yes, he has several of his own - who knows?!


Here, Kitty Kitty!

I am convinced that Eli is warming up to Brandon and that they are going to be buddies soon!!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Let's Go Krogering

Brandon loves going to the grocery store...he always has. Even when he was TINY, he would just look around at the lights or play with toys that were on his car seat. (Knock on wood) I have yet to be embarrassed by a screaming baby in the grocery store. I know the day is coming but for now I am enjoying it!!!

Taken July 9, day short of 1-month old. He loved looking at the lights.

Taken January 5, 2009...a few days short of 7 months old. He is so well-behaved. He doesn't really pay attention to the lights. He just looks at all the people pass by and smiles when people say how cute he is! =)


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wonderful Husband

I definitely have the best husband in the world and that is not open for debate, ladies! =) I know we all think our husbands are awesome but it's when they do something super sweet that we can't help but be extra thankful.

The past few days have been ROUGH...I have been exhausted and haven't seemed to find a way to get past it. I know it's the first trimester fatigue so I have just told myself to "build a bridge and get over it." Brandon naps twice a day so I have tried to nap with him but I still find myself dragging and totally useless when it comes to getting housework done! So...yesterday (New Years Day), Nathan saved the day!

I laid down with Brandon at 9:30 for his morning nap. He usually sleeps for an hour to an hour and a half. Sure enough at 11:00 Brandon woke up from his nap...I felt his little hand grab my nose and gradually move up to my eyes. He wanted me to wake up too. I just needed ten more minutes...LOL!!! About that time Nathan walked in, took Brandon, fed him his bottle and played with him for a little while so I could get some rest.

We were supposed to go watch the Rose Bowl with some friends but, unfortunately, their little girl was sick so I decided I would stay home. Nathan said that he wanted to take Brandon over there so I could have a few hours to stay home alone and rest...that didn't happen since their daughter was sick but he promised that he will give me time soon!

I am a very lucky girl! Nathan does the best he can to help out with Brandon and I am so thankful. I was able to get some extra rest yesterday which was awesome!!

Thank you, Nathan! I love you!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Baby Update

As I have posted on here, I am preggo with baby Moore #2!! We are excited about 2010 and the new addition to our family. We are going for an ultrasound on January 25th to determine the due date. As best I can figure, I am about nine weeks along. Being pregnant with Brandon is still VERY vivid in my memory bank (as is the C-section but I don't want to talk about that...LOL) and I remember feeling EXHAUSTED. Well, this pregnancy is the same if not a little bit more exaggerated. I am so sleepy all the time and nausea comes and goes...I didn't have that with Brandon and it needs to go away! =) Since I had gestational diabetes with Brandon, I have been checking my blood sugar just to make sure it is under control. So far, so good! I am hoping to avoid that this time around.

According to a newsletter I get from our baby is busy growing. "His/her face looks more baby-like each day—their eyes are developed but concealed, and their nose, lips, and ears are becoming more defined. They're also starting to exercise their expanding muscles. His/her fingers and toes are looking less like stubs. Although he/she is a wiggler they are still so small that you won't feel these movements. His/her reproductive organs are developing, but even if you sneaked a peek you wouldn't be able to tell that she's a she or he's a he (and neither could your doctor at this point)."

Thanks for those of you that have emailed/facebooked me words of encouragement! I will keep you posted with all the preggo happenins'.


Happy New Year

I must admit that the turning of the decade was very uneventful in the Moore household. Nathan worked until 4:00 (boo)...hopefully the retail days will be coming to an end soon! I made potato soup for us to enjoy while watching football that evening. I am sad to see the football season come to an end and I was even more sad to see UT lose their bowl game but in a couple years they will be a top ranked team...I promise! =) Lane Kiffin has lots of tricks up his sleeves; I just know it!

I didn't even think about staying up until midnight to see the ball drop. I went straight to bed after the football game ended and I didn't even think twice about it. I knew Brandon would wake up at 7:00am regardless...for some reason he doesn't care too much about Mama's plans right now! =) And that's ok...