Thursday, November 21, 2013


I love going to the grocery store alone. I love walking every single aisle and not having six little hands grabbing at things we don't need.

Recently, I have started taking Brandon with me. Kroger has buggies/carts for kids and he loves helping me do my shopping. He loads his buggy up, gives the cashier our Kroger Plus card, and unloads his groceries onto the scanner belt thingy. He then pushes his buggy to the end of the counter so the bagger can load the bagged groceries back into his buggy and he then helps me load the car. It really is a lot of fun and he gets so excited!

Well, today was Carson's turn. He has never been on the Kroger adventure and tonight was his night.
Oh my word. He was so excited.

We had to hunt for a small buggy in the parking lot because there weren't any in the store. We found one and he squealed. Precious.

Normally when all three boys are with me, I am only shopping for a few things. So, every time he would put something in his buggy he would say, "Is that it?" I tried to explain that we had to fill mommy's buggy too but after the fourth time of, "Do we have to go now?" I decided to just answer with, "Not yet," =)

One thing I learned on this grocery trip...


Brandon is very meticulous when loading groceries.
Carson just throws them in.
Brandon wants only his stuff in his buggy (cereals, fruit, snacks, drinks, etc)
Carson wants everything in his.
Brandon doesn't want any help unloading his groceries at check out.
Carson was asking for me to help him.
Brandon likes to load his groceries into the car.
Carson asked if he could get in his seat and watch Tom and Jerry on the car DVD player.

It's so crazy how different they are!

I love going to the grocery store alone. But I love their excitement even more!
They are such good helpers and I so thankful for their sweet little hearts!

Zeph. 3:17

Football Fans

I normally work on Friday nights but I took off this past Friday so Nate and I could take the boys to the Nashville Christian playoff football game. Allie (babysitter, friend, Carson's girlfriend) is a cheerleader and I wanted to show support since we had only been able to go to one game all season.

Our boys love football. Period.

The boys could care less about watching the cheerleaders. They wanted to stand in the endzone and watch the game. One of the NCS players came and tried to give Brandon a high five and he was star struck! =)

Nate told me he needed to put gas in his car before morning so he left to do that. When he came home he had an official pee wee football from Dick's Sporting Goods. His car doesn't have gas in it but he had three excited little boys. Seriously. I have a husband and fourth boy! =)

Like I said, our boys love football...Daddy included.

Zeph. 3:17

Thursday, November 14, 2013


In September I started going to a Bible study on Wednesday mornings as a way to get to know ladies in the church. There are several options of women's Bible studies but I chose to be a part of the study on the book of Revelation. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. Revelation is rarely read and taught from the pulpit so I was a little unsure how the teaching/discussion would be in a small group. I also had no idea that this study would convict, encourage, and challenge me the way it has.

First of all the teacher is amazing! She doesn't have a curriculum or anything. She teaches the Word. There is no need for supplemental material when the Word is able to speak for itself! It is obvious that she has done extensive studying to prepare and I am pretty sure she has lead the study several times. I am thankful for her passion for the Word and her willingness to lead us.

The past two weeks we have discussed the seven letters to the churches (Revelation 2-3). These are questions that came up in discussion and have stayed on my mind...
1. Have I forsaken my first love? Have we as a church forsaken our first love? (Rev. 2:4)
2. Does the world see Christ in the church? (Rev. 3:1-6)
3. Am I lukewarm? Are we as a church lukewarm? (Rev. 3:15-16)
4. Have we put Christ outside the church? (Rev. 3:20)

Such convicting truths...
Such challenging truths...

Jesus is alive and active!
Honestly, my days are so monotonous. I know things may seem crazy from an outsiders perspective but we have a routine that is pretty much the same every day. I don't mind the monotony. I am a creature of routine so I LOVE IT actually! =) The boys do well with routine so it works for us.

However, I can get stuck in the day in and day out. Stuck.

I have been challenged.

Zeph. 3:17

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Operation Christmas Child

Since 1993, more than 100 million boys and girls in over 130 countries have experienced God’s love through the power of simple shoebox gifts from Operation Christmas Child. Samaritan’s Purse works with local churches and ministry partners to deliver the gifts and share the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ.

Packing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes with the boys has become a tradition. Explaining the purpose to a four and three year old brings up a lot of questions. We end up discussing...
  • poverty/third world countries
  • orphans
  • our responsibility to help and give
I am thankful for this ministry as it is a tangible way to teach my boys about how we show Jesus' love by helping those in need.
We did boxes for boys that are ages 2-4 and we included photos and letters. 

They want to hand deliver the boxes to the children...I love their hearts!!
Then they asked if they could give boxes to Tyler and Caroline...their friends at the Y.
Moment over! =)

Zeph. 3:17

My Favorite Season

I love this time of year! I love the changing of the seasons, the cooler weather, football (even when my teams aren't doing so hot), the excitement of the holidays...MY MAMA'S HOME DECOR!! =) That was just for you, Mama! =)

One of our favorite things to do is play at the park...

We are in an apartment that has a patio off of the living room which is nice when they just want to be outside but let's be honest...I have three little boys. THEY LOVE TO BE OUTSIDE! So, on my off days I try to find some way for us to be at a park or somewhere that they can run and play.

This past weekend I surprised Brandon with tickets to his first Titans game. Thanks to a friend of mine I was able to get good tickets and a parking pass! It was super nice not to have to walk to the stadium with a four year old! (Thanks, Cheryl!)

We went to the early service at church that morning then took Carson and Dalton to Carolyn's (one of our babysitters). She took them to lunch and then back to our place for naps. She is so great with them and they LOVE her! I was afraid Carson would feel left out when I dropped him off but he was excited about riding in her car...and she got him a few new Power Rangers. SPOILED! =)

So, I took Brandon home to change clothes and I thought he might figure it out then...We both had Titans shirts on...but, no.
We headed to the stadium and as we got closer he noticed lots of cars with Titans flags...but he still had no idea.
We drove past people walking to the stadium and everyone had on Titans gear...still clueless.
We were right beside the stadium in the parking lot and he saw a huge Titans banner outside the stadium and thought it was really cool...
Then, we walked to our seats. When we came through the concourse and saw the field his jaw dropped and he looked at me and said, "We are at a Titans game." Jake Locker was on the field throwing a football and he was so excited and anxious to sit and watch him.

It was a TERRIBLE game as we lost to Jacksonville who hadn't won a game all season. It was a very frustrating game to watch but we had a great time! Yes, he asked a million questions but that was ok. The people in front of us were great sports. Thankfully we weren't surrounded by lots of cussing and alcohol!!

Nate works part time for a company that does security at events in Nashville. Bless his heart, he works all the Titans home games...sigh...

Brandon was exhausted when the game was over and was asleep shortly after we left the parking lot. I am so thankful for the time I got to spend one on one with him. It doesn't happen often enough.

Zeph. 3:17