Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day #2

We had another snow day today. When we went to bed last night it was sleeting and I knew that was bad news - frozen streets and falling trees. Sure enough that's what we got. We woke up this morning to hear that people in southern KY had lost power. Our lights flickered a few times but we are fortunate to still have heat and electricity.

It started snowing around 8:00 this morning and stopped around 11:30. It added another couple inches to what was already there so Nathan and I took advantage of it and went out and played in it...well, he and Eli (the cat) did. I just took pictures and recorded this video -

We don't have any projects today. It turns out that we need new screws and bolts to put the baby bed together...we stripped the ones we had. OOPS! =) Unless we decide to venture the block and a half to WalMart to get tools, the baby bed might have to wait until a brighter day!

Nathan and I in the snow...

Most of the trees in our neighborhood look like this. Some have lost a few branches and the rest look like they could collapse at any minute.

Have you seen my car?


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day Work Day

Nathan and I were both off work today due to inches of snow and ice. I didn't leave the house so I have no idea how bad it is but Nathan attempted to go to work and couldn't get out of our neighborhood without spinning out so I took that to mean it was pretty bad. We took advantage of our day off by cleaning out the office and transforming it into a baby room...well, almost! =)

Here are a few pictures of things we did get done. It doesn't look like much but it was plenty!

Step One: This bookshelf matches the baby bed, but it was in our bedroom. So, I cleaned off the bookshelf that was there. Since this was an office, we had a bookshelf that held commentaries, office supplies, etc. I moved that bookshelf to a storage closet which created space for the bookshelf from our room that matched (which is of the utmost importance).

Step Two: This is the matching bookshelf to the one that is now in the baby room. It is still in our bedroom but we had to do some re-decorating/re-organizing. Since the baby room is where the office used to be, we needed somewhere to put the computer so we moved the computer to our room. This isn't ideal but it definitely works until Nathan graduates and we move into a house!

Step Three AND Four: Ok, this is the part that is supposed to be funny, but it isn't! We put the bed together although it doesn't look like it here. We assembled the bed in the living room before realizing it wouldn't fit through the bedroom door!, it is laying in the floor in the baby's room until we decide to try again. It's a rather frustrating task so it can wait until tomorrow...or later.

We had a very productive day! There is still lots more to be done but we are making progress. I am definitely someone who doesn't like to leave tasks unfinished BUT this must be done in stages and with PATIENCE (grrr)!! =) I have to remember that all this is for our precious baby and it's all worth it - it's not his fault that his bed is SO FRUSTRATING to put together! =)

It's all for you, little guy! =)


Monday, January 26, 2009

20 weeks and counting...

It's been a few weeks since I blogged. Don't think we have been SO busy that I haven't had time. There hasn't been a whole lot going on. Nathan had the month of January off school so he was able to work a lot and we were able to hang out with friends we aren't able to see enough of.

I went to the doctor today. Baby Boy Moore and Mama are doing great. The doctor measured baby's heartbeat and it was 150! I have started feeling more consitent, strong movements which is one of the best feelings ever!

We are preparing for another crazy semester as Nathan starts back to school. He will continue to work full time, take 9 hours of classes and teach a small group study at church. In just a few short months our lives will be forever changed so I am trying to prepare for that the best I can. I am working full time and staying involved with volunteer activities at church but in my spare time I am thinking about/reading about/shopping for/ Baby Boy.

Some of you have asked about the baby's name. We haven't 100% decided on a name yet. We have several options but nothing has been finalized. This is definitely one of the hardest decisions so far!!


Friday, January 2, 2009

Celebrating the New Year

I got off work at noon on New Year's Eve and Nathan got off at 4:00. We spent the early part of the evening napping. We were both feeling a little under the weather so we decided to rest up before the festivities.

We met several friends for dinner at Shogun. YUMMY!!! We were entertained by the chef at the hibachi. If you have never been there you should go. It's very entertaining!!! It is a little pricey which is why Nathan and I have been twice in the three years that we have lived in Louisville.

We planned on going to a Sunday school party after dinner but we were both too "icky" so we went home. We were in bed by 10:30. Party animals, I know! =)
We spent New Years Day watching football!!! It was awesome!!! I called in carry-out at the local Mexican restaurant for dinner and Nathan went and picked it up. That is the only time that either one of us left the house all day. I love days like that!

We are excited about 2009!!
1. We are taking an anniversary trip to Atlanta in April. This is also going to be our last roadtrip before Baby Boy Moore comes in June.
2. Baby Boy Moore is due June 16th!!
3. Nathan will be graduating from seminary.
These are the things that are PLANNED. We are looking forward to the unexpected/unplanned blessings in 2009!