Monday, September 28, 2009

Runaway Eli

It was a gorgeous night last night so we decided to open the living room window. It's a sliding glass door and we have a screen that we keep closed so Eli won't get out. Last night we opened the window without noticing that the screen was open. So, when Eli went to look out, he took advantage of an open door and ran out. Neither Nathan nor myself saw him "escape."

It wasn't until this morning that I noticed Eli was gone. Usually when I get out of bed he is right at my feet. I have to pay attention to him before I can do anything else. Well, this morning I checked our bedroom closet (his hiding place) and under the couch. I called his name numerous times until I started thinking he was gone.

I walked over to the living room window and noticed that the screen door was open. It was then that I knew my little Eli had gotten out. I was in my pj's so I wasn't going to go outside but I called his name to see if he would meow (he got out at an apartment I lived in before and he meowed when I called him). After a few calls, I heard him. I went and got Nathan and asked him to go out there and get him.

Eli spent the entire night outside! =( He was hiding under a bush at the end of our street. Eli ran to Nathan when he saw him...he was on edge for about an hour when he came inside but since then he has been pretty calm. In fact, he has been sleeping anywhere and everywhere. I am pretty sure he had a LONG night!


Fall is here!

Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love the colors and the cool is definitely a bonus! Yesterday was the first day that is has felt and looked like fall and I LOVED it. We had a work party for Nathan yesterday afternoon and it was outside, so I had to dress Brandon in his first fall outfit...isn't he cute?!


Family Weekend in Jackson

Brandon and I spent this past weekend in Jackson and had a GREAT time! Nathan had to work over the weekend so he wasn't able to go with us. We missed him but we are looking forward to our vacation week in just a few days! We left Louisville Thursday afternoon and stayed until Sunday morning.

Thursday night

I got to Jackson around 5:00pm and that night Mimi, Daddy Bill and Uncle Lawrence came over for dinner. Mama made a yummy mexican meal and a delicious apple caramel dessert (I still need to get the dessert recipe). It was a very relaxing evening.


Nanny had to work for a few hours Friday morning so Brandon and I hung out until she got home. That afternoon we went shopping at Old Navy and made a much needed stop at Starbucks for pumpkin spice lattes! Later that day Olivia came over to pay us a little visit. It was good to see you, Liveloo!!!

Tiffany and her crew arrived in Jackson around dinner time Friday night...just in time for burgers and steaks off the grill!

Brandon joined us at the table =)

It was another relaxing night as Brandon got to play with his cousins! =)


The babies woke up around 7:00 Saturday morning. Jaxon and Brandon enjoyed getting reaquainted after not seeing each other for a few weeks...Gavin didn't want to have anything to do with anybody but his Mama.

We hung out at the house all day which was nice. Later that afternoon, the great-grandparents came to see all the babies.

Mimi and Brandon

Mama Sae and Brandon

Paw Paw and Brandon

Mimi and Gavin

Mama Sae and Jaxon

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One of the things we do when we all get together is pig out on sushi and pizza. So, Saturday night we ate the best sushi ever (Sakura) and watched the Tennessee vs. Ohio game.

Brandon and I had to head back to Louisville on Sunday morning so we could get back in time for a work party with Nathan. We had a great trip and look forward to being at Nanny's again next week. Brandon is excited that Daddy is going with us next time!

Here are some more pictures from the weekend...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grammy Carol

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRAMMY CAROL!! We hope you have a wonderful birthday and we look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks!

Grammy Carol with all her grandbabies (taken June 2009). Grandbaby Moore #7 is due in January!


Nathan, Meg & Brandon

SEC Rivalry

Nathan had to work on Saturday so Brandon and I spent the day watching football. We started off watching the Alabama game which wasn't very exciting considering they beat Florida International 40-14! After the Bama game we watched the mighty VOLS take on the Florida Gators. I was very pessimistic about the game because the Gators are ranked #1 in the nation. It is a long time rivalry so I was just crossing my fingers that Tennessee would show up and play decent.

They only lost by ten points with a final score of 23-13! That was MUCH better than I expected!! Way to go, Vols!! (I am still hoping for a better quarterback next year but I will be content with what we have...)

Brandon cheering for the Vols...

There are three things about this picture that I LOVE...
1. Look at his toes!! I am pretty sure I took this after we sacked Tebow for the FOURTH time!!! =)
2. The Diet Mt. Dew!! I didn't realize I had left my drink there until I had taken the picture...hilarious!
3. The baby boy sitting in his Bumbo seat. He is such a joy to have around and I am sure we have many more exciting football days ahead!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

This week is the kickoff for weekday Bible studies and small groups at church. On Tuesday I attended Cafe Mom which is a group designed for moms (hence the name) and different topics are presented and discussed. It's a topical discussion group that doesn't involve any outside prep or study. For example, this past Tuesday our pastor's wife lead a discussion on being women of God and how important it is for us to take time to read the Word and spend time with other godly women.

This morning I attended a Bible study that consisted of stay at home moms. We are studying the book of James by using a study ("Mirror, Mirror on the Wall") written by Jean Stockdale. It's only the first week and I have already been so encouraged. I thought I would share a little bit of what we discussed so you could think about and apply it to your life.

"For the child of God, suffering is not a meaningless or senseless, random accident. It is a series of calculated tests God designs to build Christian character in us. When tests and trials have the proper effect on our character, joy is our response. Endurance, resulting in maturity, is our reward." - Jean Stockdale.

The first chapter of the study was on suffering taken from James 1:2-4. We didn't start out with anything light...we went straight to the hard stuff! =) James 1:2, "Count it all JOY my brothers when you meet trials of various kinds." What was your reaction to the last trial you faced? For me, joy was not my immediate response. In fact, I don't think joy ever crossed my radar!!

I started thinking about godly people around me that have truly suffered -- a mom losing a teenage daughter suddenly; a great friend on the brink of divorce; a childhood friend giving birth to a stillborn baby girl; godly women who are losing their husbands to pornography...
I have been SO encouraged as I have watched the women in these situations respond with JOY and PRAISE to God, the one who ordained all these events. It humbles me as I think about the way I have responded in times of confusion or suffering.

Why does God allow these things? He tests our faith (not the believer) to show us what's in our hearts. James 1:3, "...the testing of your faith produces steadfastness." God wants us to patiently endure and rest in Him! As Stockdale states in the study, "If he didn't test our faith, we would become casual in our Christianity."

What's the purpose of the suffering? James 1:4, "And let steadfastness have it's full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing." God sends trials our way so that we will be conformed to the image of Christ. Sometimes the process is painful but the ending is perfection in Christ. What a reward!!

Count it all JOY as we are being transformed and conformed to the image of Christ!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

3 Month Weigh-In

I took Brandon to the doctor this afternoon for his three month check-up. I knew taking him in that he had grown a lot because of the way his clothes are fitting, but I had no idea...first a recap...

At birth - 8 lbs 6 oz., 19 3/4 inches
One month - 10 lbs 2 1/2 oz., 22 inches
Two months - 13 lbs 6 1/2 oz., 24 1/2 inches

Today - 15 lbs 6 oz., 26 1/2 inches!!

When the doctor read his height he said, "He is 2 feet and 2 1/2 inches tall." Ok, when you put it that way...HE IS ONE BIG BABY!!! =) Brandon is in the 90th perecentile for weight and in the 95th percentile for height. We have a linebacker on our hands!!!

The past few days Brandon has been a little fussier than normal and has been drooling a lot. He is 3 months 5 days old today...WAY to early for teething, right? Wrong. The doctor told me today that he has started teething and it's ok to give him Tylenol if I notice he is in pain. I can't believe we are already at that little phase but BRING IT! =)

We have a happy, healthy baby boy and I am so thankful!!!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Family Night

Sunday nights have become our family night. Since Nathan has started interning at church his schedule has gotten kind of crazy. We are thankful for the experience he is getting and the opportunities that he has to serve but it can make for LONG Sundays...I guess we better get used to it if that's what we want to do for the rest of our lives! =) Anyway...He is in school full time, working full time and interning at church - very busy man!!!

So, Sunday nights have become our time to go out to dinner and just spend a few hours out of the house. We both love the changing of seasons (fall being our favorite season) and lately the weather has been awesome!! Tonight we took advantage of it.

When Nathan got home from church tonight we loaded Brandon up and headed to Chili's for dinner. We LOVE eating there...I worked there when I first moved to Louisville. Be encouraged that I worked there and I still eat there! After dinner we drove around some of the nearby neighborhoods...we looked at houses that we will never be able to afford and we are ok with that!! =) On the way home we stopped at Starbucks and I got their seasonal drink...pumpkin spice latte! YUMMY!!!

Nathan got hot chocolate (BOOOORRRINNNG). Hahahahahaha!! It is definitely over-priced coffee but we like to spoil ourselves every once in a while.

What a great night! I LOVE MY FAMILY!


Friday, September 11, 2009

3-Month Photo Shoot

Yesterday was Brandon's three month birthday so today I took him to PicturePeople for a "photo shoot." I had a coupon for a free 8x10 and I got 20% off of everything I ordered. Since it was only his three month pictures I decided to control myself. I could have spent A LOT of money but I decided I would wait until his one-year pictures (be prepared, Nathan hahaha).

Brandon did a GREAT job!! The photographer bragged on him the entire time which made my heart happy! =)