Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Carson is FOUR MONTHS old!

Today is Carson's 4-month birthday!!! He is such a little sweetie and I can't imagine our family without him!

  • He is rolling over from front to back but not from back to front yet
  • He is grabbing toys and putting them in his mouth
  • I think he has starting teething because he drools 24/7 and chews on everything! Brandon started teething at 3 months but didn't cut a tooth until 7 months so I know it might be a few months before I see any teeth
  • He has the BIGGEST smile and I love it
  • He eats fruit and cereal in the mornings and veggies for dinner
  • I am still nursing which is such a blessing. Brandon only nursed for 8 weeks...formula is EXPENSIVE so I am thankful that Carson has nursed longer
  • He loves his Mama!!! At this point I am his best friend. He loves his Daddy too but he is definitely a Mama's boy
  • He watches Brandon all the time. Half the time he is waiting for a ball to hit him in the head, I am sure, but he seems to enjoy being around him

I am looking for a pediatrician in the area so I can take him for his 4-month check up. He is still long and skinny as he has been since he was born.



Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving at Grande View

Since our computer has been "out of order" I haven't been able to blog about the opportunities we have had at Grande View. In case you haven't read previous blogs, we are living in Nashville and serving as Resident Program Directors at the Grande View apartment complex in Bellevue. We are partnering with Faith Church in an effort to build relationships and eventually share the Gospel with the residents.

  • A couple weeks after we moved in, we got a list of people that have signed or renewed leases. We put together a welcome/thank you packet and delivered those to the residents. Thanks to the youth at Faith Church this wasn't difficult. They were so sweet to help us go door-to-door!

  • Nathan has done a great job going into the complex and meeting people. If you know him, then you know that he is an introvert - walking up to complete strangers and starting conversation doesn't come naturally for him. He has done a great job and has met quite a few residents that way.

  • For Thanksgiving we decided to make yummy treats. It was intended to be for the residents that were traveling for the holiday weekend. A family from Faith Church was kind enough to make TONS of cookies!! It was a huge help. I made puppy chow (powered sugar and chex mix) and peanut butter/hershey kiss cookies. We made individual plates so the residents just had to pick up a plate.

  • The office staff gave us FREE Titans tickets that we raffled off. A resident was lucky enough to go to the Titans/Redskins game in Nashville. Even though the Titans lost it was a good game.

We have some neat things coming up and I will update as those things happen. We are thankful for the opportunity that we have to advance the Kingdom. It takes a lot of work but it's worth it.


Opryland Hotel

We decided to take the boys to Opryland Hotel to see the Christmas lights. Ok, so really Nathan and I wanted to go but we knew the boys would enjoy it...especially Brandon.

I hadn't been in several years - since moving to Louisville in 2005 - so I was excited about our little family outing!

Ok, Mama, quit taking pictures - let's go!

...reason #1 not to make faces when I am trying to take a picture

Nathan is leaving for Knoxville tomorrow evening and will be gone ALL WEEK!!! =( We will miss him...hope Brandon can make it!!!!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

November in a nutshell

We finally got our computer back - yay!!! I am not going to take the time to catch you up on EVERYTHING that has gone on this month as it has been crazyyyy but here are the pictures to give you an idea...

Now that I am caught up, hopefully I can get back in the habit of blogging!!!

More to come soon...


Monday, November 22, 2010

Yes, I am Alive!

It's been a couple weeks since my last post and the main reason is because we are still waiting to get our computer back. We have a laptop but all my pictures are on our other computer and what good is blogging if I don't have pictures?! =)

The computer has been fixed and has been shipped back so hopefully there will be a LENGTHY update soon...I know you can't wait!

Just know...
1. Nathan got a job with Cellular Sales (retailer of Verizon). He actually started today. I am anxious to hear how his first day went.
2. We have been overwhelmed with support and encouragement in our ministry at Grande View. Faith Church has been great and we are so blessed to be part of such a great church family.
3. The boys are doing great...sleeping through the night after a few weeks of sleepless nights. We had a time change twice (going from EST to CST and then daylight savings time) and it really messed with all of us!

Look for more posts soon!!!


Monday, November 8, 2010

helllooooo Nashville!

We moved to Nashville two weeks ago today!!!!

I wanted to post an update sooner but we have been having computer and internet issues. Unfortunately, our desktop computer...which has all my photos on it...is getting fixed soooo I can't post pictures. Hopefully, we will get it back soon!!!

The last two weeks have been CRAZY but we are finally getting settled. We love our new place and we have been encouraged by the office staff and Faith Church. We had our first outreach event...if that's what you want to call it...this past Sunday night which went well. The youth from church came and helped which was a HUGE blessing! We made welcome packets for new residents and tenants who signed new leases. The youth helped put those together and helped us deliver them. We ended up making 27 contacts which is a good start. We have a Meet & Greet this Thursday night in the complex clubhouse which will be a good time to meet people that live in the Grande View complex.

So, what you REALLY want to know is how the boys are doing!! =) Well, we moved to Nashville from Louisville which means we experienced a time change. Brandon normally goes to bed at 8:45 (Louisville time) which means he was ready at 7:45 here. I kept him up an hour later...I put him down for a nap at noon which is when he has always gone...I did all I knew to do to help his little body adjust to the time change. Nothing worked. My little man who used to sleep until 8:30 or 9:00 was now waking up at 7:00 or 7:30! =( Just when I thought he was getting it, we experienced yet another time change...the FALL BACK...yes, another hour!! So, the Sunday of the change he woke up at 6:00am!!!!!!!!!! Not ok. He did better last night and hopefully he will sleep until 7:00 or 7:30 tomorrow.

Carson hasn't missed a beat. I guess because he is still a little guy and takes cat naps during the day. He has started rolling over...yes, not even 3 1/2 months old! Brandon started rolling when he was 3 months old but I "coached" him. I was so ready for him to DO SOMETHING besides lay there. Well, I had prepared my mind and heart. I was going to let Carson lay around as long has he wanted to and when he was ready to move, he would do it in his time. Well, he did. Just A LOT earlier than I expected. He is changing more and more all the time...very vocal and smiles all the time. I wish I had pictures to put on here but hopefully in the next few days I can show him off! =)

Nathan has a lead on a job but nothing confirmed so I will post with that info when it is time. Just know that we are thankful for those of you that have sent emails and messages of encouragement and prayer. We don't take that for granted!!!

We have been so blessed and God has been so faithful in providing in so many ways!! We are excited about the opportunities that have already been made available to us and I look forward to sharing those with you soon!!!

(pictures coming soon)