Wednesday, September 14, 2016

God's Protection...especially today

It's been A YEAR since I blogged. Oh goodness, I'm such a slacker! Actually, life has been crazy busy and I have put the blog on the back burner. Hopefully, I can get back in the habit of keeping y'all (really just the few family members that read it) updated on our family. Nate is still working with the insurance company and enjoys working security VERY part time as opportunities are made available. I am still working at the YMCA part time. I have been there five years! FIVE YEARS! That's crazy. Anyway, I am on staff part time with the preschool ministry at our church. We are part of a great church and I love being a part of the team there. And...I also teach three year olds in our church's Mother's Day Out/Preschool. I am in my second year there and it's NEVER dull!! Each day brings new joys...and stresses! Hey, it's three year olds! =)

The boys are doing awesome. Brandon is in second grade and Carson is in first. Dalton is in the Pre-K program at our church and Easton is in a class with other older one year olds and two year olds. By the way, I can't believe Dalton is starting Kindergarten next fall. It doesn't seem possible. As someone said today, "The days are long but the years fly by."

God has been so faithful to our family. He has proven his love to us time and time again...and again and again and again...I pray we never take his provision and grace for granted! I pray our boys grow to love the Lord with zeal and JOY! I also pray the boys sense the Lord's presence and acknowledge his protection in their lives. They got a lesson in that tonight...

We were heading to church like any other Wednesday night. We were on a two lane road that typically has traffic moving rather steadily. We came to a random stop...when I say "random" I mean it wasn't a place that we normally have to stop or even slow down. We came to a stop and I looked in the rearview mirror to see a Toyota 4Runner speeding towards us. The driver definitely wasn't paying attention to notice we stopped. I could see the driver place both hands on the steering wheel and brace herself as her brakes locked...I screamed knowing we were about to get hit. Fear took over. My boys in the back of the van were going to feel the impact and it was not going to be okay.

We were okay. The 4Runner stopped inches from my bumper and traffic moved. Our car was silent as everyone knew how close we were to being in a wreck. Brandon said, "Mommy that wasn't good." No baby it wasn't.

As I was tucking the boys into bed I made it a point to do more than I normally do. Normally I tell them I love them, kiss them, aggravate them a little bit, then tell them goodnight. Tonight I made sure each of the boys knew that I loved them and how precious they are to me. We talked about the "almost wreck" and I told them how thankful I am that each one of them was home safe. Carson said, "Jesus protected us. He was in our car." Of course he was!! He was right there with us protecting us.

Jesus protected us.
He was with us and he always is.
I am thankful for that.
I am thankful for my family.

Zeph. 3:17