Thursday, October 29, 2009

Night Owl

So, I put Brandon in bed at 9:00...his normal bedtime. For some reason, he REFUSED to go to sleep. He was in his room talking to himself which turned into a whine that ended in a scream. Normally, if he cries when I put him to bed I let him cry it out and he will cry himself to sleep (call me mean...I don't care...hahaha).

After about 15-20 minutes of the crying and screaming Nathan went and got him out of his room and brought him into our room. He laid inbetween us and talked and laughed for about 30 minutes before "telling me" that he was ready to go to bed.

I couldn't help but grab my phone off the bedside table to get this video:

He blesses my heart!


River Road

The other day Nathan and I took Brandon to yet another park...we LOVE being outside this time of year. Unfortunately, the peak of fall is almost over so we had to take advantage of it while Nathan had a day off.

If you are from the Louisville area then you are familiar with River Road. It runs parallel to the Ohio River and there are several parks located along the road that are great views for beautiful sunsets.

He loves being outside and going for walks

Such a happy boy


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My friend, Kim, let us borrow a Halloween costume that her daughter wore a few years ago. I wanted Brandon to go as Tigger but I couldn't see paying even $10 for a costume for a 4 1/2 month old. I am SO thankful that Kim let us borrow the frog costume because it was adorable. I couldn't have found anything was perfect! (Kim, sorry about the drool on is being washed and I will have it back to you soon! =))

Brandon with his "Aunt B"


Frankfort and Chili's

This afternoon my friend, Sally, and I drove to Frankfort to meet some friends for lunch at Chili's. There were five mamas and six kids so you can imagine the looks on the servers faces when we walked in the door! =)

Gina and Calvin (9 months); Sally and Laine (10 months)

Kristi and Noah (2 years)

Me and Brandon (4 1/2 months) - he was a little distracted! =)

Grace, Jackson (3 years) and Charlotte (6 1/2 months)

Fortunately, the kids were very well behaved and we had a great lunch...and dessert!

Gina is a friend of Sally's from college and a friend of mine from seminary. She and her husband now live in Chicago so she rode back to Louisville with us so she could catch a flight home. This is how we rode on the way back to Louisville...

We thought the babies would CRASH once we got on the road.

Brandon did...

Laine was in and out...

Calvin was laughing most of the way back. He finally fell asleep about 10 minutes from the airport (of course)

What a fun day!

Now it's time to get Brandon ready for the Fall Festival at church tonight. Of course pictures will be posted soon! =)


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Charlestown, IN

Yesterday was Nathan's off day this week so we decided to spend the afternoon at Charlestown State Park in Indiana. It was a GORGEOUS day!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Prayer Walk

This morning Nathan and I headed downtown to meet a few people from our ABF (aka Sunday school) class to prayer walk. Our purpose was to pray for the abortion minded women in Louisville and the doctors that perform the abortions.

The EMW Surgical Center ( is located downtown and is the only licensed gynecologic surgery center in Kentucky offering abortion services. Across the street from this clinic is A Woman's Choice Resource Center ( This is a non-profit special health clinic designed to educate and assist women. AWC offers assistance such as:

free pregnancy testing
maternity and infant clothing/supplies
counseling for women of past abortions
information on abortion, adoption and pregnancy
free ultrasounds

AWC is a great ministy in town that offers support for women who are abortion minded or trying to raise a family in difficult times.

So, we set out this morning as volunteers of AWC. We walked around the block praying for women that we saw walk into the EMW clinic. We stood across the street from the clinic watching and praying as women were escorted inside as to avoid any confrontation by pro-lifers that were protesting outside the doors. I got teary eyed as I watched one mother walk through those doors holding her two-year old daughter. My heart broke as I watched several women end the life of their unborn. Brandon was bundled up in his stroller and I looked down at him and wondered how anyone could end such a precious gift...a blessing!

It's hard to explain what we witnessed this morning but it was very real!! It was some serious spiritual warfare going on and we need to pray for places like EMW...that women would refuse to get abortions so that those doors would have to shut...that the doctors would be convicted about their practice and refuse to work there anymore...that the fathers of these unborn children would commit to raising a family and not contribute hundreds of dollars to such a heartless act.

God is God and I know he can change hearts!!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Applesauce & Cereal

Today Brandon ate rice cereal mixed with applesauce. He has had the rice cereal before but I have been putting it in his bottle so he has never eaten from a spoon. He has never had applesauce and he LOVED it!! I mixed 1/2 of the container of applesauce with 1 tbsp of the cereal but I also made a 6 oz bottle which is what he eats at normal feedings. I thought he might have a hard time eating from the spoon so I had the bottle beside me ready to go.

What a great eater!!! He ate the whole thing without any hesitation. He followed his new meal up with 5 oz of his bottle...what a big boy!!!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Four Months Old

Brandon turned four months old on October 10th! It's crazy how much he has changed in these few short months. He has started doing so much and it seems like each week he is doing something new.

1. He is rolling over from his belly to his back. He does it a lot during the day when we are the only ones home. When I try to show him off he refuses to do it...stage fright maybe?! =) Scroll down and you can see a video of him rolling over.

2. He is laughing out loud which is precious. Again, he doesn't do it consistently but it makes me laugh so hard when he gets going.

3. He has been sleeping all night (10:00-6:00) since he was a couple months old but now he is sleeping 9:00-7:45 sometimes 8:00. I love it!!!

4. He has gotten to where he hates getting in his car seat. He is ok once we get in the car and start moving but he hates getting buckled in. Now that's it's cold out, I have to bundle him in up in a hat and jacket which he hates just as much...(see picture below) hahahaha bless him!

I took him to the pediatrician yesterday for his check-up and shots. He is 17.1 lbs and 27 inches!! He is a growing boy! =)

I was in the waiting room yesterday and there was only one other family in there. It was a father and his son and instead of the baby's mother being there it was the baby's grandmother. The baby couldn't have been more that a couple weeks old which excused the father's noticeable fatigue. He was on the phone a lot and would ask questions like, "Has her blood pressure dropped anymore?" and "Is she in a room yet?" After a few minutes they got called back to a room. They were taken to the first room and the door was open so I could hear everything that was being said. The doctor started asking questions about the baby's birth weight and whether he was being breast or formula fed. The father said, "He is breast fed when his mother can provide that. She is in the hospital battling cancer." WOW!!! I can't imagine what that father must be feeling...I am sure he is overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, scared...I could go on and on. Watching and hearing that family talk about their situation I became very grateful for our health. It put a lot of things into perspective.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

Kroger Run...

I needed a few things from Kroger today and it was SO gorgeous out that I decided to walk. It's only 3/4 of a mile from our apartment so it wasn't a big deal but I had to get Brandon all bundled up to protect him from the chilly wind...

Thanks for the jacket, Nanny! =)