Sunday, August 31, 2008


Olivia plays soccer for Freed Hardeman University. This holiday weekend they are on a road trip to play some games in Kentucky. They were in Campbellsville yesterday; they are playing in Pikeville tomorrow and finishing this series of games in Bardstown, KY on Tuesday.

The team stayed in Lexington, KY last night, went to church this morning then drove to Louisville to hang out for the day. Their coach was very kind in allowing them a "free day." So, Olivia called me and I went and got her and she came and hung out for the day. Nathan and I are going to see her play in Pikeville tomorrow but it was good just to get to hang out for a few hours.

The soccer team was in downtown Louisville which is where I had to go to get her. That is totally cool EXCEPT the Iron Man Triathlon was taking place and the UK vs. UofL game was being played - both in downtown Louisville. So, what would normally be a 20 minute trip took over an hour. Yeah, it was a little frustrating at first but we made it home with the help of Nathan and Google Maps! =)

I went to Olivia's high school graduation in May but that is the only time I have seen her since she was a bridesmaid in my wedding in April. She had not seen the wedding pictures yet so she had a good time looking at those.

In the last blog I mentioned that my cat, Eli, is very social. Well, he is unless he is aggravated to the point of being annoyed. When Olivia walked in the door, Eli greeted her, sniffed her feet and considered her a welcome guest...UNTIL she started pestering him. Then, he hid the rest of the time she was there. This is Eli hiding in the bathroom at the end of the hall. This is where he sits when he wants to see what's going on but he doesn't want to come out and play.

One of mine and Olivia's favorite games is Phase Ten (a card game). She and I both are a little competitive so it's never the most peaceful game ever - no worries, it's all in fun. We talked Nathan into playing. He is such a good sport!! =)

You can tell by this picture who DOMINATED the game! Yeah, me! =)

Olivia, we had fun this afternoon and we look forward to your soccer game tomorrow!

Love you!

Meg're it!

I have been tagged by Amanda

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Meg's six unspectacular quirks...

1. I am a comfort QUEEN!!! My summer attire consists of gaucho pants and a t-shirt while my winter wardrobe is mostly hoodies and sweat pants! Yeah, it's not my husband's favorite quality but I have gotten better! =)

2. I LOVE to travel! It doesn't matter if I get on a plane and travel overseas or travel by car for an overnight or weekend getaway. I have been out west twice and LOVE the mountains. I have been overseas a few times and fallen in love with the different cultures and landmarks. God's creation is SO MUCH MORE than our backyard and I love to witness that beauty as often as I can.

3. I have numerous laughs. I never know which laugh is going to come out but it usually makes other people laugh just to hear me laugh. Yeah, I guess that's not a BAD thing but it can be embarrassing at times.

4. I enjoy journaling. I have about thirty journals that I have written in and kept up with over the years. I am in the process of archiving sermons that I have taken note of which leads me to Quirk #5...

5. Everything has a place and everything has order. If you get something out of order it stresses me out! Just ask Nathan! =) Even in my note taking and journal writing, I like for it to be neat, understandable and NO SCRIBBLES!!! =)

6. I have a great relationship with my cat, Eli! =) Most cats are timid and don't really like anyone but their owner. Eli is very social and loves sitting in the middle of the living room when we have company. When I get home from work the first thing I do is call for Eli in this high pitched squeal, "ELI KITTY KITTY." Most cats would hide in fear but Eli comes running. Oh, and another thing - he chases Nathan around the house. It's HILARIOUS to watch. I can honestly say that I dont think I will ever have another cat like him.

I tag Amanda, Brooke, Charity, Lindsey , Stephanie, Summer


Friday, August 29, 2008

Partners in Ministry

"Far too many partnerships are not harmonious precisely because many wives have no sense of purpose or worth and feel they are being dragged along on the tails of their husbands 'call'."

This quote is taken from Renewal on the Run: Encouragement for Wives who are Partners in Ministry by Jill Briscoe. Stephanie (my mentor and great friend) gave me this book this past week. I have spent my lunch breaks reading it and feeling totally encouraged. Briscoe does a great job of reminding women that their relationship with Jesus is just that - THEIR relationship. It doesn't matter if their husband is pastor, deacon, recreational director or chaplain. That husband's service does not define his wife's relationship with Christ.

Nathan is a godly man and I look forward to the years of service that we have ahead of us BUT I hope and pray I don't become mediocre in my service to HIM!

Briscoe challenges readers with this series of questions: "What would you be doing if you weren't married to him? Or, what would you be doing in this church if you were married to a layman? If you think of yourself as belonging to this body of believers as a committed disciple, what do you think you should be doing?" So, regardless of where Nathan and I are in life I want to serve with as much excitement and expectation as I do now - that is my prayer!


Friday, August 22, 2008


My car has been in the shop since Monday.

After hitching rides from people all week, I am SUPER excited that my car is ready. I am even more excited about God's blessing through this ordeal.

I got a call Wednesday afternoon from the auto shop - "We have tried everything we can. We don't know what's wrong with your car. We are going to refer you to a radiator shop down the street so they can test it there...we don't have the equipment to do that." My first thought??? "RADIATOR?!" Yeah, I had no idea what that REALLY meant; I just knew that radiators are important and if something is wrong with it, then it can't be good!

I get a call Thursday afternoon from the radiator shop - "We have had your car running and it's not getting hot. We are going to drive it around and see if it will get hot then." My first thought??? "Does God heal cars?" =)

It turns out that the car started running hot once they got it out on the street. They put it on their tester was the radiator. They said it was completely stopped up. Water wouldn't run through it. When they called to tell me it was ready to be picked up I was told that it would be $357! Oh, no worries, I found a $25 coupon online! =) Ok, so $332.

So, where is the blessing in all this?? On Thursday afternoon I was presented with a $400 check. It's not important where I got it but it was in addition to my normal monthly income. So, you guessed it - this paid for the car...and even gave me money to put gas in it! =) Isn't God good???


Monday, August 18, 2008

Graciee, I tried

I am the proud aunt of eight! Elizabeth, Phillip, Mitchell, Jacob and Jedediah are all on Nathan's side of the family. Austin, Sunniee and Graciee are my sister's kids. Well, today is Graciee's 4th birthday!!!

Tiffany planned a party for Graciee at McDonalds in Hendersonville yesterday. I went to Wal-Mart Saturday to buy her birthday present (High School musical cheerleading outfit - with pom poms, I must add, and a pedicure set). I was so excited because I knew that she would love it! She is SUCH A GIRL!!! =) By the way, I am still hoping her big sister, Sunniee, will pull through and be the athletic one.

The party was set for 2:30 Sunday afternoon. I went to church, went home and ate lunch, changed clothes, loaded the car with presents, camera -- all the PARTY essentials. I got on the road knowing I would get there plenty early to hang out with the kiddos before the party started.

Driving from Louisville, it's about a two and half hour drive. I was about an hour away when my air conditioner started blowing hot air, my "service engine" light came on and the thermostat on my car showed that it was hot. Since Nathan had to work 12-5 I was driving alone. The first thing I did was call Nathan. He was with a customer so he didnt answer. I texted him, "Car trouble - answer." I called him again and he answered. To make a long story short, I was VERY frustrated and just wanted an answer. You have to understand, I am the emotion of the marriage; he is the reason. So, he was asking me to calm down so he could help me find a auto shop close to where I was. Luckily, I was in Bowling Green, KY when I stopped so there were plenty of places to choose from.

At some point in the craziness, I called my Daddy -- my dear, patient, wise, Daddy! =) He and Mama were driving from Jackson to go to the party. We just got back from vacation a few weeks ago but I was excited about seeing them. So, Daddy advised that I find a Sears Auto or some sort of auto care place that could atleast look at my car and let me know what was wrong. Well, of course, since it was a Sunday afternoon, nowhere was open!

Just when I was AT MY LIMIT OF FRUSTRATION, I pulled into the Sears Auto center at the mall. They were open! The poor girl that greeted me when I got there must have thought I had gone eyes were red from crying, I was sweating from sitting in a hot car -- I looked 'to down as Nathan would say.

Once again, to make a long story short, they aren't a diagnostic center so they weren't able to do a check on the car like a Firestone or AutoZone could do. However, they noticed my desperation and agreed to look at it after it cooled down. The cool down took about an hour -- they lifted the lid and put a few things in it. Yeah, I know nothing about cars! =)

I was VERY blessed yesterday...I was not charged for the 2.5 hours that my car was there and I made it home safely! Now, I am still taking it to get checked out today but the ride home was nice since my air conditioner worked and the thermostat showed a normal temperature for my car.

Lessons learned?? Oh yeah! =) I owe the most sincere apology to Nathan! I was not the most patient with him when I called needing directions to SOMEWHERE...anywhere! He was putting customers on hold to help me and I was very ungrateful. He also closed the store early so he could start driving to Bowling Green. He sacrificed his day to make sure I was ok. He ended up making it about 45 miles out of Louisville when I told him I was fine. He pulled off at an exit and waited for me to get to where he was so he could follow me home. I have the BEST husband!

Well, I missed Graciee's party. I called her this morning to wish her a happy birthday and she doesn't hate me! =) Oh, I forgot to mention that she asked me for a baby cousin for her birthday! hahahahahahahahaha - kids say the darndest things!


Monday, August 11, 2008

4 weeks and counting!!!

Rachel and I threw a baby shower for our good friend, Lindsey, yesterday. Anna Kate is due in less than 4 weeks -- HOW EXCITING! =)

We had lots of yummy food: sausage balls, spinach dip, cupcakes and fresh fruit with fruit dip. We made some punch that ended up being really good once we added lots of ice!!!! It was a little tart at first but everyone loved it so it's all good! =)

Lindsey's husband, Kevin, is in seminary and plans on graduating in May 2009. This next semester and a half is going to be REAL interesting but so much more EXCITING!!! Lindsey, Nathan and I are so thrilled and we can't wait to meet lil Anna Kate! Remember, we are on the babysitting list when you and Kev need that long awaited date night! ;)


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Strawberry Shake

I have made this for several people that have come over and I have been asked for the recipe, so here you go! =) This is one of our favorite desserts -- definitely worth a try!!
Note: I got this out of a South Beach cookbook so it's healthy!! =)

This recipe makes 4 1-cup servings.
1 cup plain fat-free or low-fat yogurt
1 cup 1% milk
2 cups frozen strawberries
1 teaspooon vanilla extract

(The frozen strawberries work like ice cubes to keep it really cold!)

Puree the yogurt, milk, strawberries and vanilla in a blender until smoothe. Serve cold.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I met Olivia in the Fall of 1997. I was a freshman at Union University and she was in 2nd grade. I worked at Friends at First which was an after school care at First Baptist Church in Jackson, TN. Olivia came there every day after school. Have you ever seen Savannah Smiles (great movie from the early 80s)? Well, she looked just like Bridgette Andersen in that movie.

Her grandmother made most of her clothes and you could bet she would have a matching hairbow to match just about every outfit. She was the picture perfect little girl yet she was as feisty as all the little boys! =)

I was actually in charge of the 4th grade students when I started working at Friends at First. Olivia's brother, Wilkes, was in my class. At the end of every afternoon we would take all of the kids to the gym where they would wait for their parents to pick them up. One day I was standing in the gym kind of antagonizing a group of kids (noooo not me...hahaha) when I felt a tug at my shoelaces. I look down and little blonde headed, snaggled tooth girl is untying my shoes in attempt to tie the shoelaces together. She giggled when she realized she had been caught. This was a repetitive exercise until her mother came and picked her up that afternoon.

That Spring semester I took over the 2nd grade I got to hang out with Olivia all afternoon!!! She was the CUTEST little girl ever and SO much personality. I worked at Friends at First the entire time I was in college. The center only kept students from Kindergarten through 6th grade. It worked out perfect that I was able to be Olivia's teacher there until she "graduated" from the after school program.

Through circumstances and, I strongly believe, the Lord's provision, I was able to teach Olivia's Sunday school class from her 7th grade to 10th grade years. What a blessing!!! I was able to watch Olivia grow into such a godly young woman!!! We went on student retreats together; she helped plan girls events at the church when I was on staff in the youth ministry; we spent numerous evenings at Jackson's famous LOS PORTALES or enjoying double chocolate chip frapaccino's at Starbucks; we tested our relationship through numerous games of Phase Ten! =) Over the years Olivia has been a great friend and the little sister I never had.

I have been in Louisville since 2005 and we haven't skipped a beat in each other's lives. She has come to stay with me a few times and I have gone home to see her play basketball, participate in pageants, and graduate from high school...I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

Olivia moved into her college dorm room at Freed Hardeman yesterday! I hated that I wasnt there to help her move in but I have thought about her A LOT since she started the "journey" on Monday afternoon. I am so excited to hear about what God has in store for her there and where these experiences will take her. She has a love for people and the Lord that is evident in her daily life and I respect her for that!

Thanks, Olivia, for being YOU!!! I wouldn't trade our relationship for anything. You are such a blessing!!! I love you and I am praying for you during this transition -- it's a blast!!!


Monday, August 4, 2008

the Thurmonds

We had a cookout yesterday to say "goodbye" to the Thurmonds. Jeff, Kellee, Allie, Ben, and Drew are moving back home to Corbin, KY this week. As sad as it is to see them go, we are so excited about what the future holds for them there! Jeff has been a vital part of the music ministry at Highview as he has been a guitarist on the praise band. Kellee is a stay at home mom and a member of our Sunday school class. She is an AWESOME example of a godly wife and mommy!

Jeff and Kellee - We look forward to hearing how God is using YOU in Corbin, KY!! We selfishly want you to stay but we are so excited for you! You have been a great example of Godly marriage and we are encouraged by your desire to raise your children in a Christ-centered home. We will be praying for you as you transition...we will be praying that your house sells!

I am glad we were able to "celebrate you" before you leave Louisville. We will plan to see you soon as we celebrate another WEDDING!!!!!! (wink wink, Hannah) hahahahaha
I love this picture even though Ben's head is cut off! =) Geez, Jeff...

We love y'all!