Saturday, October 23, 2010

KaZoing & more

Yesterday, Kim and I took the kiddos to KaZoing ( It's an indoor play place with lots of bouncies, an arts & craft room, a "tot" room for toddler aged kids, and other fun stuff. They have an open gym a few days a week and Friday is one of those days. So, we took the kids up there to wear them out for a good nap...I mean to let them have a GREAT time! =)

Kim and Brandon sliding down the big inflatable slide

Brandon driving the car in the tot room

In the playhouse

Carson was such a good boy...he just watched everyone play

Trevor and Braden in the blocks

Brandon had to join in on the fun

Sweet Malia driving around in her little car

After KaZoing we took Chick-fil-A to our friends, Sally and Laine. Sally is 37-weeks preggo with baby #2. I hate that I am not going to be here when she delivers!! =( We enjoyed a yummy lunch and then it was naptime for the babies. So, we headed home for naps before time to head out again.

My sweet friend, Heather, kept Brandon last night so I could go to dinner with my friend, Sarah. Carson went with me but at this point he is still pretty low maintenance. We went to Chili's. The food was great but the conversation was better!! Sarah is such an encouragement to me and I am so thankful for our friendship. I am excited to see what God is going to do in their ministry...wherever that may be!!!

Well, it's our last weekend in Louisville. Nathan has to work today but I am taking the boys to Hendersonville. We realized a couple days ago that we have three vehicles (moving truck + our two cars) that have to get to Nashville on Monday. So, Nathan is bringing his car to Hendersonville after work and leaving it at Tiffany's until we move. Brandon loves playing with his cousins at Aunt Tiffany's so I am sure it will be a good day! '

We are loading the truck tomorrow afternoon and I am sure there will be plenty of photo-ops! =)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cafe Mom & Couponing

On Tuesday mornings, I am part of a moms group at church. It's called Cafe Mom and it's a great source of encouragement from women who have been there done that OR are in the child-raising trenches too.

Yesterday was my last time to attend Cafe Mom and it was AMAZING!!! The speaker was Anna McMullen. We were involved in a leadership training a few months ago and I knew that she was a couponer but I had NO IDEA how awesome she is at what she does!!!

Proverbs 31:11, "The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain." A couple of the women in the group work from home but the majority of us are stay-at-home moms which means a lot of us are in charge of the grocery shopping, finances, clothes shopping, etc. It is important that we give our husbands reason to trust us with these things. Anna spoke to us from the perspective of finances and how we can save our families money with couponing.

Take a look at her BLOG if you are interested in learning more about couponing and/or other ways to save your family money.

We met in small groups after Anna's "motivational speech"! =) Here is a list of websites that I compiled based on Anna's info and the conversation in our small group. These sites are places to find deals.

I use coupons but I don't save NEAR as much as Anna does!!! She said it takes a lot of time and organization. Ok, so I don't have a lot of spare time BUT I am organized so...maybe I can get better at this couponing thing! =)


Going Away Party

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dinner with the Kruers

Holly and I graduated from seminary together and her husband, Doug, and Nathan work together at AT&T. Holly and I have been friends for several years and we have some stories!!! During our time at seminary we were servers (waitresses) at Chili's. The other servers thought we were going to be nuns because we were in seminary...I guess they equated that with a convent!! =) We had a lot of classes together since we were in the same masters program and I laughed more in those classes than I have in my whole life...really!! I don't want to tell too much on her but one of my favorite Holly stories is the time she brought a HEATING PAD to class...yes, a plug-in-the-wall heating pad. I laughed so hard!! Oh, and the time she fell walking down a main hall of the seminary. We were walking and talking and all of a sudden I realize she isn't beside me's because she was ON THE FLOOR!!! hahahaha!! Ok, sorry Holly, but I had to let it be known how much you make me laugh!!!

We had several counseling classes together and as much fun as we had together, we also got to know each other on a more personal level. She was a great encouragement to me and I am very thankful for her friendship!!!

We had them over for dinner tonight which was a lot of fun. I cooked dinner and we enjoyed a relaxing evening of good food and football (GO TITANS)!!

Holly loving on my baby boy

Us...yes, we set the timer so we could get a group shot! Otherwise, we had to count on Eli to take it. =)

Doug and Holly loving on Brandon


Buddies by the end of the night

They travel to Nashville often for conferences with their other job so we are pretty sure we will be seeing more of them!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mini Me

"Brandon looks just like his Mama" is what Nathan and I often hear from family and friends. When Brandon was a baby I kind of thought he looked like Nathan but he has always favored me and/or my side of the family.

Carson looked a lot like Brandon when he was born...for a couple days! =) Carson has taken on his own look and is his Daddy's mini me!

I think Nathan enjoys hearing, "Carson looks just like his Daddy."


Bitter? Sweet?

It's hard to believe that at this time next week we will have the moving truck loaded and we will be getting ready for a good night's rest (yeah right...I will be going over things in my head and imagining where that truck load of stuff is going to go in our new place) so we can make the move to Nashville the next morning.

At this point, it's more bitter than sweet...for me anyway. We drove across town to get some moving boxes (free boxes from it) and I realized that everything familiar to us is here. Sure, I am from Tennessee and Nathan is from Alabama, so in many ways Louisville is not "home." But, as a couple and family, everything familiar to us is here. This is where we met, established a great friendship, dated, got engaged, settled as newlyweds, birthed our babies, served together at church, etc. I am so excited about our opportunity in Nashville and I know that God is going to continue to bless us but at this point in the process, it would be a lot more COMFORTABLE to stay here...and comfort is not always the best thing.

I am so appreciative for the words of encouragement that we have received the past few weeks. "We are happy for y'all but sad for us" is a phrase I hear often. So sweet!!! I am sad for us too, though. We have made great friends here and we don't take the relationships for granted.

I will keep you posted as we continue to pack and make the transition...did you doubt that I would let you miss any of the excitement?!?! =)



Last night we met some friends for a yummy dinner to celebrate Shea's birthday. It was a SURPRISE planned by his wife, Allison, and it was very well done!!!

Allison and I graduated from seminary together and Nathan worked with Shea at AT&T. They are fun to be around and we appreciate their friendship.

Hmmmmm, chips and salsa!!!

...and lemons! =)

Happy Birthday, Shea!!

Brandon didn't like the clapping and singing...but he REALLY didn't like when they put whip cream on Shea's face! awwwwww =)

Carson just chillin'

Cake??? Do I really want some???


We had a lot of fun and the boys behaved -- always a PLUS!!!


Friday, October 15, 2010


This past summer we went to the park multiple times a week. Since the summer decided to last until mid-October, we quit going a few weeks ago. The heat gets old after FIVE MONTHS!!! (not bitter) Anyway, today was sunny with a high in the mid seventies so we took advantage of it and went to our favorite park.

Since we are moving in TEN DAYS, I am trying to take advantage of our remaining time here. So, we met some of our friends at the park and had a great morning!!

He LOVES the playground!

It had been a few weeks since I carried Carson in his "backpack." He has definitely grown in those few weeks!!! =)

Our friend, Malia...SO precious


Braden...every picture I took of him he was making the GOOFIEST face. Don't know what that's all about

Malia and Brandon chattin' it up on a park bench =)

Laine...she will be a big sister in a few weeks. Maybe Sally will have the baby while we are still here!!!!

Braden and Trevor

Yes, he is walking down the slide....

The child doesn't sit still for pictures

We had a great morning at the park with friends!! Hopefully, we can go one more time before leaving Louisville. Finding a park in Nashville will be near the top of our to-do list. Fortunately, there is a playground in our apartment complex so that will be VERY convenient!!!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

He said WHAT?!

This morning started out like most Thursdays...feed Carson, take a shower, dress the boys, get myself ready, go to Bible study at church. Brandon slept in later than normal this morning so we were running a few minutes late. I went to Bible study (highly recommended study of JONAH by Priscilla Shirer) while the boys played in the nursery - p.s. have I mentioned how much I LOVE and APPRECIATE the child care staff at Highview??!! Well, they are great and they do such a WONDERFUL job taking care of my sweet boys.

Ok, anyway, back to my day! After Bible study I walk down to the nursery to get the boys...first Carson. Nothing too exciting to report for an 11-week old! =) Then, down the hall to Brandon. His teacher (and my friend), Tammy, greeted me at the door with a huge grin..."Uhm, Brandon said a new word today." Oh. No. Face flushed. Nervous laughter. "Oh dear. What did he say?" She went on to tell me that he fell down and said, "S--T!" My response? NOTHING. I was shocked. First, I know I get frustrated and say things like, "Oh geez", "Aw man", "Shoot." She said that he continued to say it a few more times which makes this Mama even MORE PROUD! =)

This sweet angel said a cuss word?!!?!? (Brandon at two months) My baby would never do such a thing and never will!!! LOL

It turns out he was saying "Shoot." Ok, sigh of relief. I am not a bad mother BUT...lesson learned. I need to watch what I say and do around my boys. They notice everything!! And, obviously, they repeat it!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Today started with a double chocolate chip frapaccino with a shot of mint from Starbucks...courtesy of my AMAZING husband! What a way to start my BIRTHDAY!!! Nathan had the day off which made the day even better!

I go to a mom's group (Cafe Mom) at church on Tuesday mornings so Nathan dropped the boys and I off and then went and ran a few errands. He picked us up from church and we went to lunch at CHILI'S - my favorite!!! After lunch we drove up to a state park in northern Kentucky. We let Brandon play for a while and just enjoyed the day. It has felt like summer in Louisville...which is REALLY annoying...but it was 66 degrees where we were. SO NICE!!!

We had a great day!! I am so blessed with an amazing husband and two PRECIOUS boys!!!

We got home from the state park around dinner time. Nathan was so kind as to hang out with Brandon so that I could go celebrate my birthday with my girl friends. I went to Beth's house where we had a YUMMY dinner and hung out. Our good friends, Cassie and Sally (with hubby and daughter), came over which made for good conversation and laughs...never a dull moment with these girls!!! =)

Thanks for ALL the happy birthday wishes!! I am truly blessed!!!


Monday, October 11, 2010

...the Packing Continues

Last night I started packing and organizing books. Call me a dork, but I catalogued our books on an Excel spreadsheet. Let me explain! We have 1,000,000 books in our house which means we have bookshelves everywhere...STRESS!!! =) So, I made an executive our new place -- ONE BOOKSHELF in our bedroom...and that's it! So, last night I started sorting through books and with Nathan's help we decided which books would go on the bookshelf and which ones would go in our storage shed. I put books in the boxes which were numbered and created a spreadsheet (sorted by title) which listed the books and what box they are in. So, last night I tackled the bookshelf in our living room storage, the bookself in the bedroom. We are up to six boxes and many more books to go!

Nathan was off today so we did a lot more packing and organizing! We are moving two weeks from today so we are using his off days to get things ready. Today's challenge: Our bedroom. We cleaned out our walk-in closet which was INSANE!! We have so many clothes - it's ridiculous. So, the rule was: If you haven't worn it in two years, it goes to Goodwill.

So, this was our contribution to Goodwill today

How does Carson feel about all this????

We have SO MUCH to do but we are making baby steps to having everything packed by Sunday night, the 24th. Then, on Monday morning, the 25th, we are on our way to NASHVILLE!!!

Nathan has the next two days off so there will lots more pictures and packing updates! =)


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Waffles with my boy...

I am part of a women's Bible study on Thursday mornings and I HIGHLY recommend this study for all you ladies out there looking for a personal or group study. It's Priscilla Shirer's study on the book of Jonah.

Carson has been going to childcare for two weeks now and does GREAT! He is just as laid back as Brandon was (and still is). Whenever I pick Brandon up his teachers say, "He is such a hoot." I have no idea what he does but I can only imagine.

This afternoon was pretty laid back. We came home from church and ate lunch then the boys both slept for an hour and a the same time!!! woo hoo!!! I made Brandon a sandwich and grapes for lunch but he was so sleepy that he ate a few grapes and a bite or two of his sandwich then started telling me, "Night night." When he woke up he was hungry so I gave him the rest of his grapes and made him a waffle...a special treat for my favorite 15 month old! =)

He has figured out how to climb into the chairs at the kitchen table so this was my view of him at snack time...(please ignore the boxes in the backgroud - yes, they stress me out)

He was SO proud of himself...until it was time to get back down and realized he needed Mama's help!

I put chicken in the crockpot for dinner so I had a really laid back afternoon. Lots of book readin' and baby rockin'...doesn't get much better than that!!



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Let the Packing Begin

So, we are moving in 19 days. That might sound like a long time when it comes to packing, organizing, getting rid of unwanted items, etc., but with two little ones it's not that easy. Nathan was off work today so I took advantage of it by organizing and packing the boys room. Nathan entertained Brandon while I did my thing which was a HUGE help!!

BEFORE: Ok, if you know me at all then you know this is NOT OK! These boys have SO MANY clothes...I am very thankful for that but organizing and packing them was a 3 1/2 hour task!!

Brandon playing ball with Daddy while I packed

AFTER: I took down Carson's playpen and made that a "holding wall." =) I wasn't able to get anything else packed but that's ok. BABY STEPS!!! Oh, and the two trash bags are all clothes to give away...Kim Perry, they are all yours! =)

My dining room has stacks and stacks of boxes ready to be packed but Nathan isn't off again until Monday so it will have to wait.

In the blog, "Nashville Bound!" I mentioned that we are serving as representatives of an affiliated church. I didn't have permission to mention that church so I didn't, but I think it's ok now...I hope! =) We will be working with Faith Church in Nashville. Many of you know the pastor, Chuck Frazier. He was my pastor at FBC Jackson and has been a family friend for years. Nathan and I are excited about serving as Resident Assistant Program Representatives to the Grandeview apartment community but also getting involved at Faith Church.

I will keep you posted on the moving process as I am sure it will be very interesting! =)


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us!

The boys I spent Friday and Saturday in Hendersonville with Tiffany and her fam. Nathan had to work so he wasn't able to go with us. Don't worry, Nathan. We just ate lots of yummy food, watched lots of golf and football, and played outside with the kids...nothing you enjoy! =)

Austin's SIXTEENTH birthday was September 28th and my - it doesn't matter how old I am - birthday is October 12th, so we got together to celebrate our birthdays. My brother drove down from Chattanooga and my parents came from Jackson. Brandon had a blast playing outside and Carson got lots of cuddle time with his cousins, Aunt Tiffany, and Nanny!

Sunniee and Graciee (my neices)'s supposed to be a serious face but Graciee couldn't do it! =)

Brandon on Uncle Tommy's lawn mower

Carson liked sitting outside watching everybody play

Sunniee, Graciee, and Brandon on the trampoline

Bath time!!! Gavin, Jaxon, and Brandon

Daddy couldn't handle all the excitement! hahahaha

Nanny with two of her grandbabies


Graciee and Carson

Hanging out in the playroom

We had a great time!!! As always, it goes by WAY too fast!