Monday, December 29, 2008

Baby Moore is a BOY!!!

Nathan and I were able to experience one of the most awesome things today!! We had an ultrasound and found out that our baby is a boy!!! We are so excited and I wanted to let all of you know so you can praying for us and baby.

We were able to get several pictures but some of them would be too embarrassing to our precious little one so just know that it is a boy! =)

This was taken before the ultrasound tech zoomed in. This is a profile - you can see his head and arm.

He's just chillin'.

The past few days have been neat as I have been able to feel the baby move. So much is going on in his little life right now - it's SO amazing!!!!

I have been very blessed through this pregnancy so far. I didn't experience morning sickness or nausea. I haven't had any food cravings or restless nights. I pray that everything continues to go smoothly...if not, it's all worth it. Thanks to those of you that have offered words of encouragement. We don't take it for granted!

Oh, and the official due date is June 16, 2009!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in Hendersonville

Since Nathan and I were in Alabama on Christmas Day, my parents decided that we would celebrate Christmas at my sister's house in Hendersonville, TN. That's halfway between here and Jackson so it worked out perfectly. Nathan and I left early this morning so we could go to church with Tiffany and Tommy. By the time we got back to their house, my parents and brother were getting there from Jackson.

Tiffany cooked and it was VERY YUMMY!!! We exchanged gifts, watched football, played Yahtzee and celebrated Sunniee's (my neice's) 7th birthday.

As was our trip to Calera, it was sooo quick but well worth it.

Jonathan and Graciee

Nanny and Sunniee (the birthday girl)


Austin and Sunniee. They can't even act like they love each other - hahahaha, look at Sunniee's face.

Graciee Ann


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in Calera

Nathan and I decided last Friday night that we were going to spend Christmas Day with his family in Calera, Alabama. We both had to work Christmas Eve so we left Louisville around 4:00 on Wednesday evening. It's about a six hour drive so we didn't arrive in Calera until late that night. His parents, brother and sister-in-law were all still awake so we visited with them for a while before going to bed.

We spent Christmas Day opening presents, watching movies and visiting with one another. Jeremy (Nathan's brother) made everyone pancakes - thanks, Jeremy! =) Since Nathan and I got married in April there has been a new addition to the Moore family. Jedediah is the fifth grandbaby...and so cute!!!

That afternoon we had a DELICIOUS Christmas dinner. Papa Walter and Mama Carol (Nathan's parents) took the time making a wonderful meal - thank y'all!!

We left Calera around 4:00 Christmas evening...yeah, it was a quick trip but well worth it. It was great seeing family that we hadn't seen since the wedding. Hopefully it won't be 8 1/2 months before we see you again!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby cousins...

My sister, Tiffany, and Tommy got married in January of this year. Nathan and I got married 9 weeks later in April. It was a pretty crazy few months - for my Mama mostly!!! =) We were each others maid/matrons of honor and loved celebrating our special days together.

This past week Tiffany called to tell me that she is PREGNANT!!! She just found out so we are thinking she is about 9 weeks behind me...I am just about 14 weeks along.

Nanny (my Mama) is so thrilled to have TWO new grandbabies on the way and Tiffany and I are excited about our "baby cousins."

It's a very exciting time!!!!