Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brandon's Bedding

Nathan's parents were so kind in purchasing Brandon's bedding set for us. This was very unexpected and we are so thankful!
She sent me lots of pictures but I just put a couple on here to show what it looks like.

Thanks, Walter and Carol!! Brandon will love it!! =)


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brandon Update

Since my last doctor's appointment, I have walked almost every night. I was SO sure that the exercise would convince Brandon to come to Mama! =) Well, he isn't going anywhere. I went to the doctor today and we are going to spend another week just waiting. If Brandon hasn't decided to make his appearance by next Wednesday (June 3), then I they are going to do an ultrasound to check his size. The next step will be determined after that ultrasound.

One thing I haven't mentioned in my updates is my weight loss. I was up to 25 lbs at one point in the pregnancy. As of today, I have gained a total of 11.5 lbs! It's easy to assume that the gestational diabetes diet has caused me to lose weight, but, honestly, over the fast few weeks I haven't been as disciplined in staying on that diet plan. I am still keeping up with my blood sugar count and monitoring to make sure it doesn't get too high, but I am getting my fix of ice cream and chocolate milk!! Brandon has continued to gain weight...he is a little piggie, eating everything he can!! =) As of last week, he weighed 8 lbs so I guess I am literally ALL BABY!! That's ok with me as long as he is healthy.

I have finished all my projects...we are ready for him to come home!! Here are the final pictures-
View from the hallway

Ok, I lied...I still have one more project. I need to put these clothes away! =)

My good friend, Jonie, was so kind in giving us the baby bed!! It's so nice and it looks great in the baby room. She also gave us a pack-n-play that she didn't need anymore. I have set that up in the living room/dining area and someone thinks it's his new bed...

Eli has no idea how much his little world is about to change! =)

I am continuing to patiently wait. Even after the months of bedrest and partial bedrest/limited activity, this is definitely the hardest part...the waiting!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Walking and Waiting

Yesterday was Nathan's off day this week and we spent it relaxing and hanging out with good friends. Yesterday must have been an "off day" for me because I didn't even make the bed which is VERY rare!!

We started our day by going to lunch at Buckhead Mountain Grill ( I had been there when I worked in downtown Louisville but Nathan had never been. We were a little rushed for time because we had plans with our friends, Kevin and Lindsey, afterwards but it was great and we will definitely have to go back.

Kevin and Lindsey are moving at the end of this month as Kevin has accepted a lead pastor position at a church in Tennessee. We are so excited for them and the great things ahead but they will be missed!

Kevin, Lindsey and Anna Kate Cheatham

They have sold their house and they are in the process of packing everything up so they can close on it next week. In an effort to help with everything, Nathan and I went over to their house after lunch yesterday. Anna Kate is their eight month old and one of the cutest baby girls ever!! Since I am mego preggo, I am not able to help with boxes or anything but I was able to help keep Anna Kate occupied for a while so Lindsey would be free to pack.

We got home late yesterday afternoon and I wasn't feeling too good. Lately, I have been feeling nauseas. I definitely think it's just part of the pregnancy, so I just go on and accept that's just how it is, but yesterday it kept me down for a few hours. I hated feeling that way on Nathan's day off work but he was very gracious in letting me rest.

Two nights ago we started walking. Because of my blood pressure issues, I haven't been able to exercise much at all. Since my appointment on Tuesday when Dr. Link said everything looked great, I have kept an eye on my blood pressure and we have made it a point to walk a mile at night. I don't think Brandon is in any hurry to come see me since my contractions are still far apart and not very strong. I will continue being patient, but I will do whatever I can to move the process along! =)

Five more days until my next appointment. These weeks seem to be getting longer and longer as I anxiously await Brandon's birthday. It's only a matter of time.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

36 weeks...

I had a doctor's appointment and ultrasound today. My doctor wanted to check the baby's weight and fluid levels to make sure his weight wasn't too high and his fluids weren't too low. Fortunately, his fluids look great. He has dropped and his head is down...I think he is ready to come see Mama! =) My doctor was very encouraging in saying that he looks healthy and ready.

Before the ultrasound tech and doctor would tell me any stats, the ultrasound tech said, "You haven't bought any newborn clothes have you?" The doctor added to that, "If you have then you might want to find another place for them." Brandon is weighing eight pounds right now. Four weeks away from his delivery date and at 96th percentile!! These last four weeks are the biggest growth spurt so I was comforted (notice the sarcasm) to know that in four weeks he could easily weigh ten pounds.

I love this picture!!! You can see his face and he is holding his hand up to his forehead. Look at those cheeks - hahahaha I just want to squeeze 'em! =)

I am going back next week for another check-up. Then, if I haven't had him in two weeks, then I am going for another check-up and ultrasound. At that point, I will be 38-weeks. Depending on his size, we will discuss my delivery options.

I washed all of his clothes yesterday and I have picked out what I want him to wear at the hospital. I am ready for him to be here, but I am trying to be patient. I want him to be as healthy as he needs to be and if that means I carry him 40-weeks then so be it...I say that now, but I might be singing a different tune in two weeks!!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Added Blessings

Tonight we had an ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship)...aka Sunday School...fellowship at our house. I bought everything we needed to make ice cream sundaes and that's just what we did. The girls sat outside on our patio while the guys watched the NBA Playoffs. It was a great time of fellowship.

Toward the end of the night my friend, Heather, mentioned that she had brought some baby stuff over to see if I wanted any of it. She has two boys (ages 7 and 3) and she was trying to get rid of some of their stuff. Nathan went out to her car and helped bring stuff in and oh my goodness!! She had two huge tubs of nothing but clothes, blankets, socks, bedding, etc. What a blessing!!!

I sorted through everything and this is what I ended up with...

You can't really tell from this picture, but there is a little bit of everything. I now have PLENTY of clothes, blankets and burp cloths!! Heather, thank you SO much!!

While I was in Brandon's room, I took a picture of the letters that I painted and hung above his crib.

The blanket hanging on his crib is the one that Mrs. Laura from work made him.

It was great having our ABF class over for ice cream sundaes. The gifts from Heather were added blessings. We are thankful for y'all and we are hoping to have you over again soon.


Baby Laine

One piece of advice I hear over and over is, "Date nights are just as important, if not more important, after you have babies so make that a priority." Last night, I was able to keep baby Laine so her mommy and daddy (my friends Sally & Cody) could go out and celebrate their anniversary.

I only kept her for a few hours but it was lots of fun and baby Laine told me how excited she is about meeting baby Brandon! =) Of course, I had to take pictures of this cute little girl. I LOVE baby laughs and she gave me lots of 'em.

This ball could keep her entertained longer than anything. It's amazing what can keep our attention at that age!

Oh, the sweet laughs!


Baby Shower #2

This past Friday was a baby shower that was thrown by the people at work. Even though I haven't worked for almost three months, they were kind enough to shower Brandon with lots of love! My co-worker, Sara, and I are due days apart so it was a combined shower which was lots of fun.

What a cute cake!! (Sara is having a girl)

My co-worker, Laura, made Brandon the cutest blanket that is now hanging on his crib. How thoughtful!! Thanks, Laura!!
Up to this point, the only thing I definitely needed but didn't have was the car seat/stroller travel system. Nathan's mom gave us a car seat a while back that we have put in Nathan's car so we would have had it if we needed it. I got gift cards that were more than enough for me to get a nice travel system. So, NOW he can come anytime he wants! =)
Thanks, y'all, for a great shower!!!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weekly Countdown

So, today started my weekly appointments which means only a few short weeks until Brandon is born! Since February, I have been going to the doctor every two weeks so it's not that big of a difference, but it means that it's almost time to meet my little man!

Starting this past Sunday, I started having minor backpains and abdominal cramps. Based on everything I have read and heard, I was experiencing contractions. They were bearably painful, so I have tolerated it. They have been consistent over the past week but nothing to worry about. However, I have been looking forward to today's appointment, because I knew the doctor would be able to tell me if anything was going on.

I am almost 36 weeks preggo and everything is great. Brandon's little heartbeat is strong and he is in position to make his grand appearance! =) I am going for a check-up and ultrasound next week. The doctor wants to do a baby physical to check Brandon's fluid levels and weight. I love ultrasounds!! =)

I will keep you posted.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I just wanted to take the time to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you Mamas! I have been blessed with great women in my family and for that I am so thankful!! I am looking forward to the next month as I continue to prepare for the arrival of baby Brandon. I hope that I can have the same positive influence over him and our other children to come. Yeah, this bedrest isn't gonna keep me from having more hahaha.

Love y'all and hope you had a great Mother's Day!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Room Phase II

As of yesterday, Nathan is officially finished for the semester! Yay! One more semester to go and he will be a Southern Seminary graduate. What's next?! Who knows? But we are excited about the changes that will be taking place over the course of the next seven months.

In the last post, I mentioned that my goal for the day was to get curtains hung in Brandon's room. Well, I did it!! In fact, I have gotten a lot done this week but still have a few more things to do before his room is finished.

I took time this week to paint the letters that will be hanging above his crib. Now, I just have to hang them.

The bedding that I registered for has been discontinued so I am having to shop around for something else. I'm not in a HUGE hurry because he will be sleeping in a bassinet in our room for the first few weeks.

Brandon's little corner in our bedroom

We are registered for three prenatal classes that will take place over the next week. We had our first class last night and it was very informative. We have another one tonight and then one next week. We are on the 40 day countdown until Brandon's arrival!!

Anxiously awaiting.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Room Phase I

Nathan put the baby bed together this past week (yay) so over the weekend, I started doing what I love to do - cleaning and organizing! I mentioned in a previous post that I had attempted to be patient in not allowing the baby room to be priority until Nathan got finished with school. His finals are this week so I almost made it! =) Over the past few months, I have been collecting things for the room and just keeping everything stacked up behind closed doors. Here is what the baby room looked like before this past weekend:

Baby shower gifts...they are stacked nice and neat in the living room but I was ready to unpack them and put everything in its place.

This is what was behind closed doors.


The walls are still bare, because I haven't gotten the wall decor yet, but I am hoping to get started on that this week. Apart from decorations, Brandon's room is complete!! All clothes have been hung (still need washing) and all baby items are in their proper place.

The first books on his bookshelf!! =) Thanks, Mrs. Sheila!
His little closet.
These are the colors of his room (eventually)

The picture above the rocking chair was done by Daddy Bill (my grandfather)...Brandon William is named after him so I thought it was PERFECT to hang that picture in his room.

View from the hallway

I am going to paint these letters and hang them above his bed. Yes, Mimi, it's so we will be able to remember his name! =)

There is still lots to be done, but I am excited!!! I could go out today and buy the last few things I need, but I won't. I have to remember that my doctor wants to me limit my activity. Going on a shopping spree probably isn't what he considers "taking it easy." So, the project of the day is...curtains.

I will be 34-weeks preggo tomorrow. In just a few short weeks, baby Brandon William will be here!! I can't wait to finally meet the little man!!