Saturday, June 28, 2008

Marital Compromise

I don't watch many movies. Actually, that might be an understatement. I've only seen 9 movies my entire life. Ok, ok, it's more than that but not many more than 9. My wife is always asking me to watch a movie with her.

A successful, happy marriage is all about compromise. I agreed to watch one movie a month with her. However, there are some rules to this agreement.

1. If I fall asleep, too bad.
2. None of those goofy, God-forsaken musicals.
3. February-March count as one month because February is such a short amount of time. In the fine print our agreement states that we can only watch one movie every 30 days.
4. I will not pay for the rental of any of these movies.
5. This agreement can be voided at any time.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Our Blog

So, we are going to try this blog thing...
Nathan is probably going to rant a lot and for me this will be another place to post pictures...lots and lots of pictures!!!!

We have been married for almost 3 months and here are some things we have learned:
  • Meg purchases. Nathan assembles.
  • Meg cooks. Nathan eats.
  • Meg talks. Nathan listens.
  • Meg rents movies. Nathan falls asleep.
  • Meg cleans. Nathan disturbs the environment.
  • Meg hits snooze...AGAIN! Nathan wakes up the rooster.
  • Meg loves Nathan. Nathan loves Meg.

We have had a blast so far and we hope this is a way for us to share our lives with you!

Nathan & Meg