Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the DiPasquales

This past Friday night we hung out with our friends, Brad and Kristen. Nathan and Brad went to dinner (bbq, of course) so Kristen and their girls came over to play. Kristen and I were able to talk and hang out while kiddos played and babies slept. As always, it was a great time!!

Brandon and Malli - he LOVES babies!

Brandon thinks Maci is the funniest thing ever. Seriously.

This is a blurry picture but all you need to see is Brandon's face. It looks like he is crying but he is definitely laughing at Maci! =)

We are so blessed to have made such sweet friends!!


8 Months

Carson is 8 months old today!

  • He is taking a bottle 5 times a day, eating baby food, and snacking on puffs! He LOVES to eat!

  • He will be crawling any day now. He is definitely mobile as he army crawls across the floor.

  • He says, "da" when he sees a ball.

  • He has always been a great sleeper which I am SO thankful for! He sleeps 10-11 hours at night (goes to bed around 8:30 and wakes up around 6:30 or 7:00). He naps for 2 hours during the day and still cat naps.

  • He started sitting up when he was 6 months old so it's old news now. So old that he hates his car seat...well, he doesn't hate the seat but he doesn't like to be in it if we aren't in the car.

    • He thinks Brandon is the coolest thing ever!!! He watches him play all the time. They are going to have so much fun together.

    • He loves books. I usually read to Brandon in the afternoons. It used to be that Carson would sit beside me and play with the books as I finished reading them to Brandon. Well, now he wants in my lap so he can read with us. So sweet.

    • He is so ticklish! I love it!

    We love you, Carson!!!!


    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011

    Hit & Run

    Today was Nathan's first softball game. He had a double-header so I took the boys for the first game. When we got to the field Nathan was up to bat. I pointed him out to Brandon and explained what he was doing. I heard this for the rest of the night, "Daddy hit. Daddy run run run." He was proud of his Daddy!

    He played ball with some of the other kids at the park

    Allison was there to cheer on her Daddy...Brandon and Carson love "Alli"


    Monday, March 21, 2011

    I'm Goin' to Jackson

    This past Saturday we spent the day in Jackson. Tiffany and her family were there for the weekend and Jonathan was home for spring break so we HAD to join the party! =) It was a gorgeous day...1) the weather was nice; 2) we had sushi from Sakura for lunch. What a great day! =)



    Carson and Gavin chillin' on the swing...so cute!

    It was a gorgeous day for a little basketball. GO SUNNIEE!!

    Brandon was real excited about our walk...can't you tell?! =)

    Brandon played ALL DAY...a bath was a necessity before heading back to Nashville

    The boys travel SO well and I am very thankful for that! It makes day trips a lot easier!


    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    Spring is in the Air!

    Today was GORGEOUS and I am hopeful that this weather is here to stay!!! We spent a couple hours at the park this morning and Brandon was one happy little man. He LOVES being outside and watching Carson today, I am sure he will love it just as much.

    Eating snacks

    Little Nathan

    Brandon sat and "talked" to this baby for 10-15 minutes. He thought his toes were funny. Yeah, I don't know. =)

    Carson has started pulling up and rocking on all fours so it won't be long before he is taking off. I will post pictures of that soon...he is DETERMINED to follow Brandon everywhere! =)


    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    Grammy's and Paci Free!

    Last Thursday I met Nathan's mom in northern Alabama so she could take the boys for the weekend. Nathan and I had volunteered to go with the youth to the Youth Evangelism Conference here in Nashville and I had a few of the youth girls staying at our house so letting them go to Grammy and Papa's was a wise decision!

    I cried half of the way home after dropping them off and I missed them like CRAZY!! Being a stay-at-home is very rewarding and I love it but I didn't realize how much of my time and attention goes into my two little boogers until I didn't have them here.

    We had a great weekend with the youth and Nathan and I were even able to go on a date Saturday night!! We went to church Sunday morning then drove back to northern Alabama to meet Nathan's parents and get my babies back! I was so ready to see them and so excited to get my hugs!

    Here are a few pictures from their weekend with Grammy and Papa:

    I know they had a great time!!

    I had intended to "leave Brandon's paci at Grammy's"...not really leave it but tell Brandon that in an effort to rid him of it. He doesn't use it at all during the day. He just goes to bed with it. Well, Grammy said he didn't even use it while he was there so that made the transition easy. He hasn't used his paci since the night before he left to go to Alabama and hasn't asked for it since. Nice.


    Tuesday, March 8, 2011

    Paintings & Puffs

    Brandon is so proud of his art project. He made it at the Y yesterday and was so anxious to tell me about it when I picked him up after my class. We got home, I hung it on the refrigerator, and whenever he comes to the kitchen and sees it he sticks his hand out and says, "Mommy. Tamp." Translation: "Mommy. Stamp."

    Carson loves snack time! I pour some of his puff snacks on his blanket and let him go at it! When Brandon was his age, he would pick one puff up at a time and eat it. Not Carson. He picks up a handful of them and crams them in his mouth. It's so funny!

    They are so much fun! I love my boys...all three of them!



    This past weekend Olivia came and stayed with us. She had gone to a retreat for school and was going to be passing through Nashville on her way back to Jackson. So, she stayed with us Saturday night before heading to Jackson Sunday morning. Brandon loves his "O-woh." hahahaha Most kids call her "O" but I guess Brandon felt the need to add a little something to it! =)

    We watched basketball and relaxed Saturday afternoon. I cooked dinner and then we went to Sweet CeCe's...YUMMY!!! We came home and I gave the boys a bath before putting them to bed. Then, it was time for Phase 10!!! Olivia and I go WAY BACK with this card game...I can't describe the attitude with which she plays this game. It's ridiculous. I am all about a little competition but she can get out of control (love you, Liv but you know it's true).

    Anyway, Nathan agreed to play after we nearly twisted his arm off. He lost a hand and said, "I am done. This is one of those games that if you get behind you can never catch up." Ok. If you have played Phase 10 then you know that's not true. Drama. Well, it turns out that NATHAN WON!! hahahahahahaha

    The picture is a little blurry but I think it's hilarious!! Olivia did NOT like the outcome of the game which is why she is hiding/pouting.

    Fun times!!! Come back again soon, Liveloo!!


    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    Sleep Tonight?

    Carson starting running a fever yesterday afternoon. It continued all night and FINALLY broke this morning!

    Since he was still wheezing and having trouble breathing, I kept his doctor's appointment. Diagnosis: bronchiolitis and a double ear infection. POOR LITTLE GUY! He had a breathing treatment while we were at the doctor's office which helped for a few minutes...yeah, that wasn't too encouraging.

    The doctor prescribed augmentin which will hopefully knock out whatever infection he has QUICKLY!! He said to call him in a couple days if his breathing hasn't significantly improved.

    His appointment was at 11:30...naptime is at noon! Uh oh. Well, they both did great! Brandon did awesome!! He sat in a chair and read a book and played with Kleenex...hey, whatever keeps him entertained! =) He got bored with that but no fear!! I had OREOS! =) That's his favorite cookie so he was ok for the rest of the time!

    The boys are going to stay with Grammy and Papa (Nathan's parents) next weekend so my babies need to get this sickness stuff out of their system so I don't have to worry about them!!! In the short term, maybe I can get a good night's sleep tonight!!!